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Terms and Conditions
Read the terms and conditions for AGL products and services.


View the details of our policies, terms and conditions specific to all AGL energy customers.

Policies, terms and conditions that may be relevant to large AGL energy customers.

Policies and terms applicable to customers of Powerdirect prior to 15 October 2022.


See the details of our terms and conditions and policies for AGL telecommunications customers.

Our Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy (including Credit Reporting Policy) form part of your agreement with us as referred to in the AGL Telecommunications Customer Terms.

Recent changes - 8 November 2023

  • Acceptable Use Policy
    We clarified the extent to which the policy applies, and we refined what would be considered a breach of the policy.
  • AGL Telecommunications Customer Terms
    We made favourable changes and provided more clarity by making our terms easier to understand. For example, we removed your obligation to indemnify us, and we clarified your rights when we make changes to our terms.

Here are some other policies and agreements that apply to our telecommunications customers. We may amend these from time to time, so check back here for the latest version.

Recent changes - 8 November 2023

  • Direct Debit Request service agreement
    We clarified how and when we’ll notify you about changes to the terms of this agreement, and we clarified what your rights are when the terms of this agreement are varied. We also clarified what kind of fees may be payable to us when there aren't sufficient funds in your account.
  • AGL Device Payment Plan Terms and Conditions
    We clarified our responsibility for products you've purchased from us, to make it clearer whether it's us or you who are responsible.
  • Complaints Handling Policy
    We made it clearer how we prioritise and escalate customer complaints and how we’ll notify you about the prioritisation or escalation of your complaint.
  • Financial Hardship Policy
    We clarified how you can apply for the Financial Hardship Program.