AGL mobile services contract details

Find details of your contract for your AGL mobile service and fees that may apply.

AGL Mobile SIM Plan Critical Information Summary (CIS)

A Critical Information Summary document contains details of your plan including the monthly plan fee and your included mobile data, calls and SMS/MMS.

Here are our currently available plans:

  • 4G Extra Small 5GB SIM Plan
  • 4G Small 15GB SIM Plan
  • 4G Medium 60GB SIM Plan
  • 4G Large 150GB SIM Plan
  • 5G Small 20GB SIM Plan
  • 5G Medium 40GB SIM Plan
  • 5G Large 100GB SIM Plan

AGL Telecommunications Customer Terms



You may be charged additional fees on your bill when applicable. These include:

  • Payment processing fees
  • Late payment fees
  • Paper bill fee
  • Connection fees

You will also be charged for extra data, calls and SMS/MMS that aren't included in your plan.

For more information on fees and charges, see the CIS and AGL Telecommunications Customer Terms (PDF) above or check your bill.

More Terms and Conditions

For more terms and conditions, including Direct Debit Request Service Agreement, head over to Terms and Conditions.