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Towards net zero

Net zero means cutting greenhouse gas emissions to zero, or as close to zero as possible.

While we’re not there yet, we’re leading the change to support businesses with a range of future forward products, energy efficient options and sustainable solutions to help them work towards this goal.

Close up of white wind turbines in a field at dusk with corner imagery AGL supports businesses along their journey towards net zero

AGL Climate Transition Action Plan

We’re leading by example and decarbonising operations. Our plan and vision for energy transition also supports our customers towards achieving net zero.

“Our plan towards net zero recognises that a balance needs to be struck between responsible transition and rapid decarbonisation to keep Australia's electricity supply secure, reliable and affordable.”

- from AGL Climate Action Plan

A landscape of the Australian bush shrouded in mist at sunrise AGL is decarbonising their operations

Solar powered 

Going solar is one of the best ways to help achieve business sustainability targets. AGL is Australia’s largest commercial solar provider. Browse our range of solar solutions or talk to an expert about what would work best for your business.

Close up of a solar panel array on a sunny day

Sustainable solutions in one place

Industry projects

Sustainability Support

From a fully integrated solar array to info on sourcing renewable energy, our experts can help work with you on a plan for your business energy needs. 

Ways to make your business more sustainable

Net Zero for Business Podcast host, Taylor Hawkins, sitting at a desk with a laptop and microphone.

The Net Zero Path Podcast

A six-part series of conversations with experts and businesses, diving into some of the available solutions.