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Get a bonus Amazon Echo!
Switch to our new AGL Savers - Home Connect plan and you will get a bonus Amazon Echo.
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AGL is on Amazon Alexa.       
AGL customers can now manage their energy with the AGL Skill on Amazon Alexa.
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Liddell Power Station: The Facts
We’ve answered your most frequently asked questions about our plans for Liddell Power Station.
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energy app
AGL's Energy App means no more surprises.
Check your usage, set electricity usage alerts* and pay bills on the go with the AGL Energy App.

*Usage alerts only available for electricity customers with remotely-read digital meters.
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AGL and flybuys 
Energy is a part of day-to-day life, and with AGL it can be rewarding too.
AGL and flybuys
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How are you using energy in your home?   
Pre-register today for our new service that gives you insights into where you’re using electricity in your home and how you could be more efficient.
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AGL Future Forests Initiative           
A small way to make the world better. For just $1 a week, we will offset carbon emissions associated with your household's electricity...     
AGL Future Forests
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