AGL SMS Pay Terms and Conditions

In proceeding with this application you accept and understand the terms and conditions of this SMS Pay agreement and authorise your financial institution and AGL (User ID’s 348045, 348041, 373578, 23237282, 23237324 and 23426448) to debit your nominated payment method account via the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) in payment of your selected AGL account.

  • Your SMS Pay arrangement must be set up using a payment method that is stored in My Wallet.
  • Where you have one AGL account number for your gas and electricity accounts, this SMS Pay agreement is applicable to both your gas and electricity bills and associated instalments.
  • This service is not available on some passbook savings accounts.
  • If your nominated payment method financial account is a credit card account, it can only be a Visa or MasterCard credit card. A payment processing fee of up to 0.45%, GST inclusive, may apply to payments made from a credit card account.
  • If your credit card has reached its expiry date or you change your mobile phone number, you should provide AGL with your new details at least three business days prior to the next payment.
  • Bank transaction fees and Government taxes may apply.
  • AGL will send you an SMS at least 1 business day before your bill or instalment due date, which if you respond to with the instruction “Pay”, will be taken to be authorisation of the payment of your bill or instalment (as is relevant in the circumstances). AGL will debit your financial account to the value of the amount indicated in the SMS. No payment will be processed without your authorisation.
  • A payment authorisation through the instruction “Pay” will be taken to apply to each pending SMS Pay request sent to you within the last 3 business days.
  • Payments falling on a non-business day will be deducted from your nominated financial account on the next business day.
  • If sufficient funds are not available in your nominated financial account at the time of processing a payment, a dishonour fee may be charged by both your financial institution and AGL to cover reasonable administrative and processing costs.
  • If your authorisation for processing a payment is provided after the bill or instalment due date, AGL may not process that payment request. If your payment request is not processed, you will be notified by AGL and you will be required to pay the outstanding invoice or instalment amount through another payment method available to you.
  • If you change your payment method details used for your SMS Pay arrangement after the batch processing time on the day your payment or instalment is due, your previous (and not your updated) payment method details will be used to process the transaction.
  • You may delete any payment methods saved in My Wallet at any time. Any payments you have authorised that are still pending processing will be cancelled upon the removal of the payment method from My Wallet.
  • Your SMS Pay arrangement may be terminated in its entirety if either of the following occur:
    (a) You elect to cancel your SMS Pay arrangement;
    (b) You delete the payment method from My Wallet that is used for your SMS Pay arrangement without substituting a new payment method.
    (c) Your payment failed
  • AGL may vary these SMS Pay terms and conditions at any time. If we vary these SMS Pay terms and conditions, we will provide you with written notice of the change as soon as practicable, which may be after the variation takes effect, and in any event, no later than on your next bill.
  • AGL reserves the right to, at any time, withdraw this product or stop or change a SMS Pay agreement with 14 days prior notice. In the event that AGL ceases to trade, all payment plans will be cancelled immediately and both you and your financial institution will be notified. Contact AGL Customer Service 24/7 on 131 245 for assistance or if you have a dispute about any agreement details.

Privacy Policy

The personal information requested is required to set up your AGL SMS Pay arrangement. Failure to provide the information will mean AGL is unable to complete your request. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with AGL's Privacy Policy or otherwise as required by law. All SMS Pay details will be held securely and not given to any third party unless a valid claim is instigated when details will be provided to AGL's financial institution. Details of your SMS Pay arrangement, including your SMS Pay payment methods, may also be used/disclosed as part of any digital products and services that AGL makes available to you. You may access your personal information or obtain a copy of AGL's Privacy Policy by contacting AGL 24/7 on 131 245 or you can view it online at AGL Privacy Policy.