Bushfires and summer readiness

Over the summer months, bushfires and storms, together with increased energy use can put people, property and the electricity system at risk.

Prepare now for summer 2020/21

Know your electricity distributor

There are different electricity distributors throughout Australia.

You can find your distributor on your bill, or search by state here. It's a good idea to follow your distributor on social media and bookmark their website so that you can receive timely information in the event of a local fault. You could also put their emergency phone number in your phone so you've got it handy.

Depending on where you live, ensure your property is ready for storms and or bushfires, with these handy checklists.

  Storm Checklist     Bushfire Checklist
Secure loose items like garden furniture, trampolines and building materials that could become airborne in strong winds and cause damage to property and powerlines. 
Clear gutters and garden beds of leaves and rubbish that could catch fire.
Keep trees and shrubs pruned so they don’t hit powerlines in high wind. Contact a trained arborist if you need help.   Clear ground fuels from around the house such as dry grass, dead leaves, branches and thick undergrowth.
Clean your gutters and check the roof for broken tiles and leaks. Get professional help when working near powerlines.   Remove flammable items from near the house such as door mats, wood piles, paper boxes, hanging baskets and wooden garden furniture.
Buy a portable mobile phone charger and keep back up batteries for torches and a radio in a safe place.   Keep trees and shrubs pruned so they don’t hit powerlines in high wind. Contact a trained arborist if you need help.
Turn off outdoor electrical appliances at the power point and store them in a dry location where they will not get wet.   Close-off wind drafts under the house and enclose eaves between the roof and the house.
Know the location of your fuse box and main switch (there may be more than one) and make sure it’s covered to prevent water damage.  

*Checklist information courtesy of Endeavour Energy’s Simple Steps for a Safer Summer

For more information, visit your state emergency or fire service website

NSW Rural Fire Service

Emergency Victoria

SA Country Fire Service

Queensland Rural Fire Service

Emergency WA

AGL customers affected by bushfires can contact our dedicated Bushfire Relief Helpline on 1300 001 545. In case of emergency, call 000.

Financial hardship support

Tough times can lead to financial troubles so when life throws you challenges, we will be there to provide extra support when you most need it.

Get support

Support to help you recover

Events like bushfires can be traumatic.

Call13 43 57 to speak with Lifeline at any time of day. A range of self-help tools is also available
at lifeline.org.au