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The AGL app

The easy way to
track and pay

Whether it's tracking energy, internet, mobile and solar, or making payments on the go, it's easier with the AGL app.

A screenshot of the AGL app home screen in dark mode showing electricity usage, a charging home battery and gas usage.

It's your AGL. 
All in one place.

Monitor energy usage

Get insights into your energy usage, to spot patterns and opportunities to save.

Illustration of a person next to an app screen graph showing electricity usage and cost.

Enjoy simple billing
and payments

View your bills, update payment methods and pay with a few taps to save time.

Illustration of person sitting down using tablet, with icons showing card and direct debit payment options for their utilities.

Submit meter reads

Easily submit meter reads for accurate bills and peace of mind.

AGL app screen for entering and sending a meter reading.

Track solar and battery

Monitor how much solar you’ve exported, what you’ve saved, plus your battery’s charge, cycle and count - in one interactive chart.

Illustration of two people with smart phones, monitoring solar system performance and solar battery capacity.

Manage internet
and mobile

It’s easy to view your plan information, check your internet speed and track your mobile data use.

AGL app screen with icons showing options to manage a plan or check internet usage.

Discover savings, just for you

Explore personalised offers, exclusive rewards and smart ways to save on bills, waiting in the ‘For You’ tab.

Illustration of a present with copy saying 50 plus rewards and recommended offers available

Try the AGL app today

Download the app and sign in using your online account details.
If you haven't already, it's easy to 
register for an online account.

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