Your AGL energy bill explained

We've made our energy bills easier to get your head around.

Is your electricity or gas bill not what you expected? If you're confused about a rate change or the reading on your meter then get the low-down on your energy bill below.

View business bills

You can download PDFs that explain your bills in more detail:

Collectively billed business customers:

Larger business customers can view details on our energy invoice explainer.

Energy bills not what you expected?

Sometimes energy bills are not what you expected and you might end up with a high bill. The reason your bill has gone up may be due to a super hot summer or an icy cold winter. Rate changes can have an effect too.

You can view your energy usage in My Account or the AGL Energy app. When you’re logged in, you can view your energy usage so there’s no surprises come billing time.

If you have any questions about your current bill, get in contact with our team.

Vision impaired billing services

We offer a number of services to help vision impaired customers read their bill. These include:

  • Electronic billing (PDFs can be enlarged on screen)
  • Enlarged bills (A3 size)
  • Document transposition (into a word template for machine readable output)
  • Voice (we will call you to read out your bill line-by-line)

To request these services, log in to My Account or get in touch with our team.

Billing and payment options

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Pay your energy bill now using your credit card or PayPal.

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Billing options

Have more control over when and how you receive your energy bills with our monthly billing options and eBilling.

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Payment options

Make bill payments easier by exploring our flexible ways to pay.

Billing FAQs

My bill seems higher than usual, what should I do?

If you've received a bill that's higher than usual, it can be due to a number of reasons. It's important to understand where and when you use energy. Here are some checks you can make to help lower your cost:

Check seasonality

Hot summers and cold winters can be contributing factors to a high bill. Cooling and heating appliances used to cope with changes in weather can increase your energy usage.

  • Check to see if you're using more energy than usual by comparing your bill with your previous summer/winter usage. You can check previous bills using My Account or the AGL Energy app
  • Take advantage of natural heating and cooling opportunities - have a look at our Home Energy Saving Tips page for more.

Have you received an estimated bill?

If you're receiving monthly bills, it's possible that the higher bill you received is due to an estimated bill - either this bill or the previous one. Estimated bills can either be based off your usage history with us or, if you've been with us less than 12 months, it'll be based off the average of similar customers.

Your higher bill may be an estimated bill itself, or it could be an actual, metered bill that is higher because the last estimated bill was too low.

If you're on quarterly billing and have received an estimated bill, this is most likely due to an inability to read your meter. To avoid this, make sure there's clear and safe access to the meter with no locks or dogs that could prevent a read from occurring. You can find more information on our Why do I get estimated bills page.

You can avoid estimated bills by submitting your own meter read as the next section explains.

Submit your own meter read

If you have a basic meter, you can request an adjustment to an estimated bill by submitting your own meter read. You can see what type of meter you have on our Read Your Meter page.

You can avoid an estimated bill by providing your own meter read two days before your next bill.

Check if you're eligible for concessions

You may qualify to receive various energy concessions, rebates or grants on your AGL account.

Energy Insights

The more appliances you have and use, the higher your energy bills will be. Energy Insights can help you understand where you're using the most electricity. If you have a smart meter and you've set up your Home Profile through My Account, you'll get greater visibility with estimates of your home's electricity usage by appliance category.

Did you recently move house?

Have your living arrangements recently changed which may have had an impact on your energy usage? Your new home might be larger or new house mate may have moved in? Check our energy efficiency guide for practical ways to reduce your energy bills.

Did you recently get or change any appliances?

If you've recently bought new appliances, they may be consuming more power than you realise - particularly if it's something that uses stand-by power.

Replacing an appliance can also cause your bill to go up. Typically, newer appliances are more energy efficient than older ones, but that's not always the case. Use the Energy Rating Calculator to compare running costs of appliances.

Take control with the AGL Energy app

See up-to-date information on your energy usage and charges. If you have a digital meter, you can track your electricity usage and costs to date. Drill into weekly and daily views to compare energy usage across different periods.

Manage your usage with My Account

Get detailed information about your energy usage and track your energy usage if you have a digital meter.

Having trouble paying your bill?
If you're having issues paying your bill, we're here to support you in a number of ways from a payment extension to bill smoothing or financial hardship assistance. For more information, go to our Financial support and assistance page.

Why do I get estimated bills?

Sometimes we might need to estimate your energy usage, rather than organise a read of your meter. There's a few reasons why this might be necessary.

For example, the distributors who read your meter might have trouble accessing it. This usually happens if your meter's been installed indoors, is behind a locked gate, or is guarded by a pet pooch.

If you receive monthly bills, we'll need to estimate your usage as your distributor usually only provides us with an actual read every two or three months. If you've got a smart meter installed, it'll upload your meter data at 30 minute intervals.

Once we get an actual meter read from your distributor, or once you submit a read yourself via My Account or the App, we'll check and correct your account based on if we've charged you too much or too little. If we have charged you the wrong amount, we'll either include an adjustment on your next bill or resend you an adjusted energy bill. You can tell if your bill is based on an estimate or an actual read by looking at the 'Reading Type' or 'Current Reading' section on the back of your bill.

Avoiding estimated bills is easy:  Just submit your reads online via My Account or the App and we'll bill you based on those reads. Check out this guide for reading your meter.


In some circumstances where these options might not be possible, you may need to request an actual meter read (a fee may apply). Please chat with us to arrange.

How are monthly bills determined?

If you have a smart electricity meter that's remotely read, we use real usage data to work out your monthly bill.

For customers with a basic meter that's read every two to three months, we don't have actual data to use each month. Instead, we estimate your energy usage on a variety of factors including your historical usage and seasonal activity, then bill you on that figure. When an actual meter reading is completed, we adjust your account as needed. Customers new to AGL won't have historical data so estimates are based on averages of similar customers over the time period.

If you have a basic meter and would like to avoid estimated bills, you can submit your own meter reading in My Account.

Learn How to submit your own meter read here

I’m having trouble paying my bills, what are my options?

If you're having a hard time paying your home energy bills, we have options for you:

Unable to pay your bill before the due date and just need more time to pay?

We understand that life doesn't always go to plan, and sometimes you just need a little more time to pay.

See if you're eligible for a payment extension

Experiencing temporary or long-term financial difficulty?

NSW, QLD, SA and WA Residential Customers

Staying Connected is our hardship program for customers based in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Staying Connected is personalised assistance that goes beyond traditional payment plans. It's confidential support so you can get back on track with your home energy bill.

Learn more about Staying Connected

VIC Residential Customers

If you're a Victorian residential customer, support is available as part of our Payment Support Victoria program. Payment Support Victoria is for those who are experiencing temporary or long-term financial difficulty that makes it hard to pay their gas and/or electricity bill.
Learn more about Payment Support Victoria 

How do I find my bill reference number?

Your Reference Number can be found under Payment Options on the back of your AGL bill or on page two of your online bill. You may need to download the PDF document to find the reference number. You can download your bill in PDF format through My Account.

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Ready to pay your bill? Head to Payments or log in and pay through My Account

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