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Estimated bills

Why you might receive an estimated bill, how to avoid them and what happens next.

What are estimated bills?

Sometimes we might need to estimate your energy usage, rather than bill you on actual usage data. You can tell if your bill is based on an estimate or an actual read by looking at the ‘Reading Type’ or ‘Current Reading’ section on the back of your bill.

Reasons you might have received an estimated bill include:

  • Meter readers having trouble accessing your property. This usually happens if your meter’s been installed indoors, is behind a locked gate, or is guarded by a dog.
  • If you have a basic or MRIM meter and are on a monthly billing arrangement. We’ll estimate your usage as your distributor usually only provides us with an actual read every two or three months.
  • If you have a digital meter, connection dropouts can sometimes occur when your interval data is being received. Your distributor or meter data provider will provide AGL with an estimate for that interval based on your historic usage.

If you have a smart meter and you’d like to review your data to see the intervals that are estimated, you can do so at the usage tab on My Account. You can even download your smart meter data to review each interval.

New AGL customers won't have historical data so estimates are based on averages of similar customers over the same time period.

What's next? Adjusted energy bills

Once we get an actual meter read from your distributor, or once you submit a read yourself via My Account or the AGL app, we’ll review your account. If we have charged you too much or too little, we'll either include an adjustment on your next bill or resend you an adjusted energy bill.

Avoid estimated bills

To avoid estimated bills you should always ensure that there is safe and unhindered access to your meter. You can also submit your own meter reads to us online. If you provide your own read within two days of your scheduled bill date, we will bill you on your reading. Submit your reads online via My Account or the AGL app.

Learn more in our guides on How to read your meter and How to submit a meter read.

In some circumstances where these options might not be possible, you may need to request an actual meter read (a fee may apply). To request a meter read, contact us.

Next scheduled meter read

If the meter reader had trouble accessing your property last time, check your next scheduled meter read so you can be prepared. If a previous estimate was due to an access issue, a reason will likely be printed on your bill under 'Meter details.'

If you have not had an actual reading taken from your meter in the last 12 months, please contact us to arrange a special meter reading appointment. Costs may apply.

For basic meters and manually read interval meters, to find your next scheduled meter read:

  1. Download your PDF bill from the Billing tab in My Account or the AGL app
  2. Go to the section 'Meter details' on page 3 of your bill (see visual below) and you'll see the approximate date for your next meter read.
The Meter details section of the AGL Energy bill showing three sseparate reads.

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