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AGL Macquarie power stations

Bayswater Power Station Upgrade

Project overview and purpose

The purpose of the Project is to improve the management of ancillary processes over the remaining operating life of Bayswater and to facilitate an improved rehabilitation outcome for the ash disposal area involving:

  • Optimising and improving ash management including augmenting the existing ash disposal area, replacement of the Ravensworth ash transfer pipeline and increasing the capacity of the existing ash harvesting and recycling facilities.
  • Creation of a salt cake disposal landfill to complete the alternative process for managing water impurities and reduce the reliance on the Hunter River Salinity trading scheme.
  • Improvements to water management around the coal handling plant area.

The Project will include the following elements.

Stage 1 – Commencing August 2022

  • Construction and operation of a new coal ash pipeline to Ravensworth Void No. 3 for ash emplacement (Ravensworth ash line)

Stage 2 – Commencement to be advised

  • Augmentation of the existing Bayswater Ash Dam (BWAD) to provide additional ash storage capacity (Ash Dam augmentation)
  • Improvements to water management structures and systems to ensure continued collection and reuse of process water and return waters from the BWAD (Ash Dam augmentation)
  • Improvements to the management of water and waste materials within the coal handling plant (CHP) sediment basin and associated drainage system (Coal handling plant upgrades)
  • Increasing coal ash recycling activities to produce up to 1,000,000 tonnes per annum of ash derived product material and reuse of coal ash (Ash harvesting upgrades)
  • Upgrades to existing fly ash harvesting infrastructure including the installation of weighbridges, construction of a new 240 tonne silo, tanker wash facility and additional truck parking (Ash harvesting upgrades)
  • Construction and operation of a salt cake landfill facility to dispose of salt cake waste from the approved salt caking plant to be constructed at the Bayswater water treatment plant (Salt cake landfill)
  • Construction and operation of borrow pits on AGL land to facilitate the improvements proposed for the Project and other works on AGL land (Borrow Pits 1 to 4)
  • Ancillary infrastructure works including repositioning of underground pipelines to above ground, replacement or upgrading of ageing pipelines, vegetation clearing associated with maintaining existing infrastructure, including along existing pipeline corridors as is necessary (HP Pipe clearing, and LSP Pipe clearing).

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Liddell Battery and Bayswater Ancillary Works

Project overview and purpose

AGLM are progressing plans to facilitate the efficient, safe and reliable continuation of electricity generating works from Bayswater and the Liddell site. The Project consists of the following:

Stage 1 - Commencing October 2022

  • Decoupling works: Alternative network connection arrangements for the Liddell 33 kilovolt (kV) switching station that provides electricity to infrastructure required for the ongoing operation of Bayswater and associated ancillary infrastructure and potential third-party industrial energy users.

Stage 2 - Commencement to be advised

  • The Battery: A grid connected Battery Energy Storage System with capacity of up to 500 MW and 2 GWh
  • Bayswater Ancillary Works (BAW): Works associated with the ongoing operation of Bayswater which includes (but is not limited to), upgrades to ancillary infrastructure such as pumps, pipelines, conveyor systems, roads and assets to enable maintenance, repairs, replacement, expansion or demolition.
  • Consolidated consents: A modern consolidated consent for the continued operation of Bayswater through the voluntary surrender and consolidation into this application of various existing development approvals required for the ongoing operation of AGLM assets.
  • Demolition: Removal of redundant solar thermal plant infrastructure has commenced and is anticipated to be completed in November 2023.

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Stage 3 - Bayswater Ancillary Works
Statutory approvals:


Ravensworth South Mine

Project overview and purpose

This mine was developed in 1987 by the Electricity Commission of NSW to supply coal to the nearby Bayswater and Liddell Power Stations. Mining operations commenced in 1987 and ceased in 2000, leaving a number of voids behind which were formed from the incomplete filling of the mined area with overburden, including Void 5. Sections of the mine have since been incorporated into adjoining mining operations, which are now managed in accordance with separate development consents by different companies.

Void 5 and the rehabilitated area immediately surrounding Void 5 within AGL land continues to be rehabilitated and managed by AGLM in accordance with DA 86/51.

DA 86/51 was modified in 2023 to include:

  • Changes to ash emplacement methodology within Void 5
  • Removal of redundant pumping infrastructure associated with Void 5
  • Provision for the receipt, stockpiling and use of capping material for Void 5 for final rehabilitation when the void is filled
  • Vegetation clearing to enable ongoing ash deposition in the Void 5 north arm
  • The introduction of flexible options for the Void 5 final landform to ensure it remains free draining and is aligned with neighbouring final mining landforms
  • Updating the boundary of DA 86/51 to reflect current land tenure and rehabilitation requirements

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