What is flexible pricing?

Flexible pricing is now available to all Victorian households with a remotely read smart meter and will provide the opportunity for customers to choose a more varied pricing structure.

If you are eligible and choose a flexible pricing offer, different electricity rates will apply depending on the time of day. For example, we may offer you a price structure where higher electricity rates apply during peak hours of the day and lower rates apply during shoulder and off-peak periods.

What are peak, off-peak & shoulder periods for flexible pricing tariffs?


 Image 1_Flexible Pricing

Am I eligible for flexible pricing?

To be eligible for flexible pricing, you need:
> to be a Victorian residential electricity customer; and
> a remotely read smart meter.

Who can benefit from flexible pricing?

Flexible pricing can lower electricity costs for some households but it will not be the right choice for everyone.

Flexible pricing may lower electricity costs for households that use most of their electricity during the off-peak and shoulder periods and/or are able to shift their usage to these off-peak times.

You should review the flexible pricing rates, your energy usage patterns and your ability to change those patterns and carefully consider whether flexible pricing will be beneficial for you before changing.

To view your current energy usage and track ongoing usage, take a look at My Account. This allows customers with a smart meter to monitor their energy usage and charges throughout the day.

Visit the ‘Usage’ tab to view your daily usage and see when you use most of your energy*.

To get started log in to My Account.

*The graphs displayed in My Account should be used as a guide only as they show your usage within periods of time during the day that do not align with flexible pricing tariffs.

Why is flexible pricing available?

Flexible pricing will provide you with more choice and provides an incentive to use power at times when there is less demand for electricity, which may reduce peak demand and reduce the need for infrastructure upgrades.

When can I change to flexible pricing?

You can change to flexible pricing by calling the AGL Customer Service Centre 24/7 on 131 245.

Is it voluntary?

The choice is yours. Changing to flexible pricing is voluntary and we will not change you to flexible pricing unless you request this option.

Are there any fees for changing to flexible pricing?

No, there are no fees for changing to or from flexible pricing.

If I choose the currently available flexible pricing option, can I change my mind later?

Yes. You can change from flexible pricing to any current rate structure.