Rates and contracts

Find out all you need to know about AGL rates, contracts and pricing as well as information for solar customers.

Basic Plan Information Documents

Information on our AGL electricity and gas rates, including key plan details.

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Standard contracts

Information on standard retail contracts and standing offers.

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Market contracts

Specific gas and electricity offers from AGL.

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Fees and charges

Find out what fees and charges may apply to your energy plan.

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How energy is priced

There are many factors that affect the costs of providing gas and electricity to you.

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Solar feed-in tariff information

Things to know about feeding electricity into the network from your solar panels.

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Electricity Tariffs

Things to know about your bill and electricity tariffs.

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Our customer charter and our commitments to you

What are my customer rights? Learn more

Find other terms and conditions

Read terms and conditions for AGL products and services. 

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