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Arrange for an electricity meter connection for your property.

How to apply

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Request an electricity meter connection

Get a new electricity meter installed by using our new connections platform.

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Installing a new electricity meter in New South Wales

See the steps below to learn more.

After the meter service provider has completed the connection or supply work, we'll arrange for your new meter to be installed either on a date agreed with you or within six business days. If the meter installation requires interrupting the supply of another customer, we’ll arrange for your new meter to be installed either on a date agreed with you or within 30 business days from when we become aware that interruption to the supply of another customer is required.

  1. Submitting your application

    Complete a request in our new connections platform and include the distributor documents, (Contract Notification Letter for Ausgrid or Permission to Connection for Endeavour and Essential Networks).

    If you're unable to access the online platform, you can also complete our customer application form.

    To find your distributor, use our distributor lookup tool.

    Note: You may want to ask your electrician or builder for help in completing the meter and supply details on the application form.

  2. Processing your application

    After your application has been submitted, it will be sent to the distributor for processing. We'll get in contact with you within two business days if we need more information or there's any issues.

    We’ll send you an email when the distributor has accepted your application.

  3. Installation Process

    You'll be notified of the installation date as soon as possible. On the day, please make sure that:

    • The site is safe
    • Free from rubbish
    • There's clear access to the proposed meter location
    • Information about any gate code has been provided to the distributor so they can gain access.

    Note: If the site is not in satisfactory condition, the installation will not be able to proceed and you may be charged a wasted visit fee. If this occurs, we’ll get in contact with you and arrange for a second installation attempt when the issue has been resolved.

  4. Completing your request

    We’ll notify you via email to confirm that the meter has been installed. Any charges from the distributor will be sent to you on your bill.

Fees and charges

The fees for the installation of a new meter can vary depending on the distributor or meter provider, as well as the work required. We're unable to advise of these charges prior to receiving the application through the new connections platform. That said, we'll be sure to give you a call if there's any non-standard charges applicable. 

When the meter has been installed, we’ll become your energy retailer through our standard retail contract. We also have alternative generally available offers, including lower cost options which are available and can be found on our Energy Plans page or by getting in touch with us.

Electricity meter FAQs

How will I know that my work request for a meter installation has been accepted?

We will update you via email once the work request is accepted by your distributor or meter provider. Your site must be accessible for them to carry out the request.

What do I need to do before a Distributor, meter provider or technician visits to install, change or remove my meter?

You'll need to make sure that they can access your site. This means:

  • A clean site, free from rubbish
  • Clear access to the proposed meter location.
  • Unlocked gates.

If your site is not in a satisfactory condition, the distributor, meter provider or technician will attempt to speak to the site contact and advise us of any issues. If we are contacted, we will then notify you.

How long will an electricity meter installation take?

AGL does not perform installation of your electricity meter, we help to arrange it for your property. Installation is performed by your local distributor or meter provider. To find your distributor, use our distributor lookup tool.

Timelines for installation vary between states.

If you live in Victoria, your distributor and meter provider are responsible for visiting the site and installing the meter. In most cases, it should take between 15-30 business days to complete a standard work request.

If you live in NSW, QLD or SA, your meter provider will install the meter within 6 business days or on a date agreed with you after the distributor has completed the necessary connection and supply work.

For the installation to proceed you must:

  • Have an agreement with us to install the meter
  • Provide a safe environment (nothing to prevent installation such as a loose switchboard, exposed wires or a point of attachment that is too high or low)
  • Provide clear access to the proposed meter location
  • Have unlocked gates
  • Not be disrupting another persons electricity supply.

Will I have to pay any additional charges for my meter request?

We'll contact you if your request attracts any non-standard charges. It's important to know that if your distributor can't access your home or business for any reason at the agreed time, this may incur a penalty fee, which you will be responsible for.

I’m having trouble accessing the new connections platform, is there another way to submit my request?

For electricity requests

Our customer application form is available for download if the new connections platform isn't working for you. To submit your application, email the completed form to

For gas requests

Email the completed form to for NSW, QLD, VIC, or SA or for WA requests.

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