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Gas meter installations

Arrange a gas meter installation for your property.

Apply for a gas meter installation now

Request a gas meter installation now through our new connections platform or learn more about the process below.

Different types of gas installations

There are three types of gas installations that you can apply for:

  • A mains construction where there is no existing gas mains available in the street
  • A service line installation where there is no existing gas line connected to the proposed meter location. The service line must be in place prior to a gas meter being installed.
  • A meter only installation where there is an existing service line installed and only the physical meter is required.

If you're not sure what your property needs, contact our New Connections team on 1800 680 430.

Get your gas connected

How to arrange a service line and gas meter or just a meter. 

1. Submit your application

Complete a residential gas supply request using our New connections platform including the details of your gas plumber.

Offline applications 

If you're having trouble filling in the online form, you can download the pdf copy for your state and email it to our team. 

2. Distributor processes your application

After your application has been submitted, it's sent to the distributor for processing. We'll contact you within two business days if we need more information or there are any issues.

You’ll be notified by email when the distributor has accepted your application.

If there are any additional changes or work required, we may need to obtain a quote from the distributor. This may take two additional weeks and you'll be advised about any additional costs and provided with the quote for approval before installation work continues.

3. Prepare for line installation

When your application is accepted, the distributor will install your service line then your meter. You’ll need to prepare safe and clear access to the site.

  • Safe and clear access
    Make sure your site has safe and clear access for the work to be completed. We recommend avoiding any other trade activity occurring on the day as it may impact your installation.

  • Clean area
    Keep the meter location free from any rubbish and building materials, such as scaffolding, temporary fencing and bins or toilets.
  • Marking and metal tags
    It’s important that your site is clearly marked and tagged before we arrive. This includes your full address detail which must be visible from the street. For multi-dwelling installations, please ensure a metal tag engraved with the unit/house number is securely attached to the fitting line.

  • Location
    Your new meter location must be in a position that is easily accessible for meter readings and maintenance work.

Please note: if the Installer finds that the conditions of the site have changed and no longer meet the requirements, they’ll schedule another site re-evaluation.

Following this new evaluation, the connection will typically occur within 20 business days of the site being confirmed as ready.

We'll notify you once the service line has been installed.

4. Final steps and meter installation

Once the service line is installed, we’ll require your Certificate of Compliance (COC) number to arrange the meter to be installed. Your plumber will be able to provide this to you. You can send the details to

If you have site access via a gate code, you’ll need to contact the distributor to provide this information so they can gain access.

It may take up to 30 business days for service line installation, and an additional three business days for meter installation. The distributor must install the service line before the meter can be installed and it's often the longest step in the process due to site and weather conditions.

After you've sent us the COC number, we’ll arrange for your meter to be installed and let you know when the distributor has accepted the application. Meters are usually installed within 48 hours, please let us know if that hasn't happened.

Fees and charges

The fees for gas meter installation can vary depending on the distributor in your area, as well as the work required. We're unable to advise of these charges prior to receiving the application. That said, we'll contact you if your request attracts any non-standard charges.

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