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Power outages

What to do when your power goes out.

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In case of emergency

Call 000 now If there’s an emergency or you need immediate medical attention.


If you rely on a life support machine, refer to your action plan

Check if the power is out across your neighbourhood

If it’s safe to do so, see if your neighbours’ properties or nearby streetlights still have power. If their power is out too (or you’re not sure) see Power is out across my neighbourhood.

If only your property has a power outage, see Power is out at my property only.

Power is out across my neighbourhood

Find your local energy distributor

You can find your distributor on the Australian Energy Regulator’s website.

Or, you can check your AGL energy bill. Your distributor and their contact details are listed under ‘Faults and Emergencies

Contact your distributor

Electricity (NSW)
Distributor Contact Details

Outage map - Ausgrid

131 388

Endeavour Energy

Outage map - Endeavour Energy

131 003

Essential Energy

Outage map - Essential Energy

132 080

ACT: Evoenergy

Outage map - Evoenergy

131 093


Gas (NSW)
Distributor Contact Details
Australian Gas Networks

1800 898 220

Jemena Gas Networks

Outage map - Jemena

131 909

Electricity (VIC)
Distributor Contact Details

AusNet Services

Outage map - AusNet

131 799


Outage map - CitiPower

131 280

Jemena Electricity

Outage map - Jemena

131 626


Outage map - Powercor

132 412

United Energy

Outage map - United Energy

132 099


Gas (VIC)
Distributor Contact Details

AusNet Services

136 707

Australian Gas Networks

1800 898 220


132 691

Electricity (QLD)
Distributor Contact Details


Outage map - Energex

136 262


Outage map - Ergon

132 296


Gas (QLD)
Distributor Contact Details
Australian Gas Networks

1800 898 220

Electricity (SA)
Distributor Contact Details

SA Power Networks

Outage map - SA Power Networks

131 366


Gas (SA)
Distributor Contact Details
Australian Gas Networks

1800 898 220

Gas (WA)
Distributor Contact Details

ATCO Gas Australia

Outage map - ATCO Gas Australia

131 352

Power is out at my property only

Check your fuse box to see if the main switch is still on. A safety switch may have been triggered and turned off your power.

Turning the main switch back on may fix the problem. If your power keeps going off, you could have an electrical fault or problem with an appliance.

If you believe you have a faulty appliance, stop using it. If you can’t identify the fault, call a licensed electrician. Never try to fix an electrical fault yourself.

Troubleshoot your electric hot water system

If you experience a power outage, your electric hot water system may be affected. If this happens, call your distributor (see Find your local energy distributor).

If you have power to the house but your hot water system isn't working, get advice on Hot water problems.

Issues with your gas supply or meter

Get in touch with us if:

  • you have no gas
  • your gas has been disconnected in error
  • your gas meter is stolen
  • you need a meter re-light (for example, if construction work has occurred on your street).

Log in to My Account or the AGL app to message us.

For further support, call 131 245.

Plan ahead for power outages

  1. Save your distributor's number and website in your phone for when the power goes out. You can find this on your AGL energy bill under 'Faults and Emergencies', or see Find your local energy distributor.
  2. Keep a torch and some candles on hand.
  3. Register your life support machine with us if you rely on one in your household. We’ll help you put together an action plan for the unlikely event of a power outage.

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