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Disruptions to life support

Establish a plan in case of any disruptions to your life support's power supply.

Life support disruption plans

It's important when you have life support equipment at your home to have an action plan in the event of a power outage. For key information on how to put a plan together, read our information for households (PDF).

Other things to consider:

  1. If you've already registered your life support machine with your energy distributor, they'll let us know. If not, register it with us today by calling 131 245.
  2. Keep AGL and your energy distributor’s emergency phone numbers somewhere easy to find, like on the front of your fridge. You can find these numbers on your energy bill. You can also find your local energy distributor's number on the Australian Energy Regulator's website.
  3. If your home loses energy unexpectedly and you or someone in your household is totally dependent on life support equipment, follow your action plan and call 000 if you require emergency medical assistance.

Situations where your service may be interrupted

From time to time, your energy distributor may need to interrupt your power supply so work can be done on the network. As your energy retailer, we may also occasionally need to perform work that affects supply of electricity or gas to your home, such as with meter works. Storms, bushfires, unexpected power pole failures or a problem with gas mains can also affect the power supply to your home.

By registering your home as requiring a continuous energy supply, we’ll ensure that you’re kept up-to-date on any planned energy supply interruptions. That means you’ll receive life support protections, including at least four business days’ prior written notice of retailer or distributor planned outages and other restrictions on disconnecting power supply to your home.

If work is performed on your meter or it is exchanged and life support equipment is present at your address, we require you to be at the property to confirm supply is completely restored after the meter is changed.

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