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Add concession cards

Learn how to add concession cards and check the status of those already attached to your account.

Add or update your concession card

To manage your concession card details log in to My Account.

If you need help adding a concession card, contact us.

Check for concessions applied to your bill

If concessions have been applied, they’ll be listed under 'New charges and credits' on page 2 of your bill. Learn more about how to Read your energy bill.

Check the status of a concession

If you think your concession card is not being applied to your account:

  • Make sure you're still entitled to a government concession card.
  • Check your concession card hasn’t expired.
  • Check the primary card holder’s name on your relevant concession card matches the primary name on your AGL account.

AGL accounts must be in a single name for credit reporting and privacy purposes. Services Australia requires that AGL account names strictly align with the primary card holder’s name on the relevant concession card.

Energy Bill Relief Fund

Energy Bill Relief Fund payments will automatically be applied to eligible electricity accounts sometime after 1 July. To learn more about who’s eligible, how much it is and how it’s applied visit our Energy Bill Relief Fund page.

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