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Move house

How to get your AGL electricity, gas and internet connected when you’re moving into a new or new-to-you home.

Choose your plan

Electricity and gas plans

Check the AGL electricity and gas plans available in your area by entering your address on Compare energy plans.

Moving house with your AGL Netflix Plan

For information on moving house on the AGL Netflix Plan, visit AGL Netflix Plan.

Internet plans

Check the nbn plans available in your area by entering your address on Compare nbn plans.

When you choose your nbn plan for your new home, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your current plan may not be available at your new address.
  • Your current plan may not be suitable if you’re moving to a larger home or a residence where more people will be using the internet. In these cases, a higher speed plan may be more suitable.
  • If you’re upgrading to a faster plan, you need to make sure your modem can deliver those speeds (you can check your modem manufacturer’s website).

Connect a new service

If you’re not moving house or are new to AGL, simply compare and sign up to our energy or internet plans.

You’ll need to contact your old provider to disconnect your previous service.

Arrange your connection

You can arrange your move in My Account by selecting the Move home button. You're also able to start your move on Book your move. From there you can check your address for specific plans and complete the sign-up process.

Connection timeframe

You can select the date you want your electricity and gas to connect when you book your move. To have your electricity connected on the next business day, you'll need to call our sales team before 1 pm AEST/AEDT, Monday to Friday.

We need one business day's notice (before 1pm) for electricity connections and three business days for gas.

For internet connections, you can select the date you want to connect when you book your move. We’ll connect your internet as close to that date as possible.

Learn more about how we connect your nbn service.

Disconnect previous services

For electricity, gas and internet, you’ll be able to choose a disconnection date for your AGL services when you book your move. It does not have to be the same as your move-in date.

If you’re with another provider, you’ll need to contact them to request they disconnect your electricity, gas or internet service at your old address.

Track progress

Electricity and gas

We'll send you a confirmation email with a reference number and a link to track your connection. You can also log in to My Account and select Track my move to view details of your connection date and the progress.

On the confirmed date, we'll arrange for your distributor to connect the electricity or gas.


We’ll keep you posted on the progress of your connection by email and SMS.

Get ready to connect

Electricity and gas

To make sure your new home is ready to be connected, you’ll need to:

  • make sure there's clear access to your electricity and gas meters (details on how to find your meter on Read your meter)
  • set your main electrical switch to off
  • register any Life support equipment with us and be prepared in the case of an unexpected energy outage.

Please note that if you live in Queensland and you're getting your electricity connected, you'll need to be at home.


If you’re keeping your current modem, take it to your new address. If you’ve ordered a modem through us, we'll send it to your new address along with setup instructions.

Leave your nbn box at your old address. An nbn box looks like a modem but has the nbn logo on it. Not everyone has one, but if you do it’s really important to leave it behind.

If you’re moving your home phone connection, make sure to keep your modem and plug it in to your new house. Your home phone service only works with your current modem.

If your new address is getting nbn for the first time

If nbn is being installed at your new address for the first time, you’ll need an nbn technician appointment. We’ll let you know if you need an appointment and when it will be. Learn more about nbn technician appointments.

If you’re moving into a new development, nbn may charge a $300 (GST incl.) fee for the cost of installing their infrastructure.

Switch on

Electricity and gas

After the connection has been completed, check that your main switch is in the on position.

If your connection should have been up and running by now, contact us. With our Power on Guarantee, if your power isn't connected on the agreed day, we'll cover your related expenses up to $500 a day until it's on.


When we notify you that your internet connection is live, it’s time to set up your modem.

To connect your devices to Wi-Fi, look at the back or under-side of your modem for the:

  • SSID (Wi-Fi network name you select on your phone or computer)
  • Security key (password).

If your connection is not working, you can try our internet troubleshooting steps. If you’re still not connected, please contact us.

Update concessions and life support registration

When you move house, your concession details and life support equipment registration do not update automatically. Here's how to update your concessions and life support equipment registration with your new address:  

  • Concessions: You can update your concession details in My Account. If you get stuck, contact us.
  • Life support equipment: To register your life support equipment at your new address,  contact us.

Moving into a property with solar

You do not need to sign up to a specific solar plan if you have solar panels. As long as you have a working system, you'll receive our standard feed-in tariff at a minimum. If at any time of the day your system generates more power than you're using, the surplus is exported to the grid.

If you've recently moved into a property with solar, check out our Solar Savers plan which offers a higher feed-in tariff.

Some customers are better off on Solar Savers, which offers a higher feed-in tariff. Others are better off on a different energy plan depending on their usage and how much solar they export to the grid. To find out which plan is best for you, go to Energy Plans, Energy Fact Sheets and Basic Plan Information, or contact us.

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