Standard retail contracts

Our most basic contract with standard terms and conditions set by regulation.

What are the prices, terms and conditions for NSW customers?

If you’re an AGL customer but didn’t accept a market contract energy plan or are using energy without contacting us to set up an account, then you are on a standard retail contract. The standard retail contract is a plan that is governed by the applicable energy regulations.

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The rates and fees applicable on our standard retail contract for NSW are as follows:

Note: if you are an electricity customer who was on a variable rate market contract prior to 1 July 2019, or on a standard retail contract with a loyalty discount, your electricity supply will continue under transitional standard retail contract rates from 1 July 2019. These rates will continue to apply to you until your energy plan ends or until we notify you otherwise.

Former APG standard retail contract customers are subject to AGL’s NSW standard retail contract rates, as listed above.