If you need a meter for your electricity or a new service line, here's where to get going.

Installing a new electricity meter?

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Or want to request a new meter but need some tips on the process? Follow these four steps:


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Step 1: Submitting your application

What to submit

You may need to ask your electrician or builder for help in completing the meter and supply details on the customer application form. This will assist the quoting process.

For an Installation request in NSW you’ll need:

  • A completed customer application form, including the details of a level 2 electrician (known as an Accredited Service Provider, ASP).
  • Completed Distributor document/s (to be made available onsite), which may include (depending on your Distributor):
  • Ausgrid network: Contract Notification Letters (CNL)
  • Endeavour & Essential networks – Permission to Connect (PTC)

Unsure who your Distributor is? Find out here.

How to apply:

Complete the application form and send it back via mail, email or fax. Details can be found on the form.

Step 2: Validating your application

AGL is responsible for validating your application. Your application will be processed in 3-5 business days.

Contacting you

Please complete all the necessary information on the form so we can process it as quickly as possible. If anything is missing, we’ll contact you or your electrician/ASP. Please note your application will be ‘on hold’ until any required additional information is received. We’ll also contact you if your request attracts any non-standard charges.

Issuing a service order

Once all information is received, we’ll raise the request with your Distributor and Meter Service Provider. Once the request has been accepted, we will send you an SMS confirmation.

Step 3: Site visit and installation

To complete the installation, please ensure the following:

  • A clean site free from rubbish
  • Clear access to the meter box
  • Unlocked gates
  • A safe environment (nothing to prevent installation such as a loose switchboard, exposed wires or a point of attachment that is too high or low).

If the site is in a satisfactory condition, the technician will install the meter. If not, the installation will not be able to proceed and you may be charged a wasted visit fee. If this occurs, AGL will notify you and arrange for a second installation attempt once the issue has been satisfactorily resolved.

Step 4: Completion of the request

AGL will send you an SMS confirmation once the installation is complete.

Fees and charges

While there is no installation fee from AGL for the meter installation, your electrician (or Accredited Service Provider) may charge for their services. In addition, for new connections, a National Metering Identifier (NMI) allocation fee will be charged by your Distributor and will appear on your first bill from AGL.

Please note that your acceptance of any standard fees is required as part of your application.

Once your meter installation and supply are complete, AGL will be your energy retailer and you will receive energy from us on the terms and conditions (including price) of our Standard Retail Contract.

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Roles and responsibilities

  • To arrange a meter installation, you will need to contact an ASP who will liaise with the Distributor in your area as well as fill out AGL’s customer application form.
  • Your Meter Service Provider is responsible for installing the meter. AGL will appoint a Meter Service Provider for you.
  • Your Distributor and your ASP are responsible for arranging the supply of electricity to your property. AGL and your Meter Service Provider will liaise with the Distributor to ensure supply.


FAQs about electricity meters

How will I know that my work request for a meter installation has been accepted?

We will update you with an SMS once the work request is accepted by your Distributor or Meter Provider. Your site must be accessible for the Distributor or Meter Provider to carry out the request.

What do I need to do before a Distributor visits to change or remove my meter?

You'll need to make sure that they can access your site. This means:

  • A clean site, free from rubbish
  • Clear access to the meter box
  • Unlocked gates.

If your site is not in a satisfactory condition, the Distributor will attempt to speak to the site contact and alert us to advise of any issues. If we are contacted, we will then notify you.

How long will an electricity meter installation take?

Your Distributor (the company responsible for the poles, wires and meters in your area) and Meter Provider (the company responsible for the meters in your area) are responsible for visiting the site and installing the meter. In most cases, it should take between 15-30 business days to complete a standard work request, depending on the state you're in.

Will I have to pay any additional charges for my meter request?

We'll contact you if your request attracts any non-standard charges. It's important to know that if your distributor can't access your home or business for any reason at the agreed time, this may incur a penalty fee, which you will be responsible for.

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