Upgrade or remove your electricity or gas meter

Need to make a change to your meter, or even get rid of it for good? Here's where to get started.

Changes to your electricity meter

If you need your electricity meter changed or removed, please contact our new connections team on 1800 680 430.

If an alteration to your connection is needed, we’ll arrange a date with you and the distributor or within 15 days from when you make the request.

If an alteration to your connection is not needed, we’ll arrange to install your new meter on a date agreed with you or within 15 business days from when you make the request.

If the meter installation requires interrupting the supply of another customer, we’ll arrange for your new meter to be installed either on a date agreed with you or within 30 business days from when we become aware that interruption the supply of another customer is required.

Changes to your gas meter

Here’s how to change or remove your gas meter in New South Wales.

  1. Submitting your application

    Complete our Application for Residential Gas form.

    If you are removing your gas meter and there's a third party who will be billed for the removal (such as a demolition company), you'll need their authorisation.

  2. Processing your application

    We’ll check the details and pass along this request to the distributor in 3-5 business days.

  3. Site visit

    When your work order is accepted, the distributor will make the changes to your meter (they’ll need access to your site).

  4. Completion of the request

    We'll send you an SMS once your change or removal is complete.

FAQs about changing or removing a gas or electricity meter

How long will it take to change my meter?

It will take up to 15 business days to complete a standard work request (unless a specific date has been agreed directly with you). Please note the following exceptions:

  • A safe environment (nothing to prevent installation such as a loose switchboard, exposed wires or a point of attachment that is too high or low).
  • Clear access to the meter box
  • Unlocked gates
  • Installing the meter will not disrupt another customers electricity supply (in this case it will take 30 business days)
  • For complex meter exchanges the distributor needs to undertake any supply related pre-work prior to the meter being installed
  • If you have life support equipment, an appointment is always required
  • You don't have an agreement with us to install the meter.

How long will my meter removal take?

It can take up to 10 business days to complete the removal, and up to five business days to update you on your request status.

How much will it cost to change or remove my meter?

Because fees vary according to the work required and the Distributor operating in your area, we are unable to quote a set fee. Charges are set by your Distributor and passed on by AGL.

While your acceptance of any standard fees is required as part of your application, if your Distributor classifies your fee as non-standard, we will get in touch before proceeding.

Will I have to pay any additional charges for my meter request?

We'll contact you if your request attracts any non-standard charges. It's important to know that if your distributor can't access your home or business for any reason at the agreed time, this may incur a penalty fee, which you will be responsible for.

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