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Meter installation issues

Find out about potential installation issues and how to fix them.

Get your meter installed smoothly

To ensure your meter installation goes smoothly, you'll need to make sure that:

  • The site is safe
  • Free from rubbish
  • There's clear access to the proposed meter location
  • Information about any gate code has been provided to the distributor so they can gain access.

If your site is not in a satisfactory condition, the distributor, meter provider or technician will attempt to speak to the site contact and advise us of any issues. If we are contacted, we will then notify you.

If you haven't arranged for your gas or electricity meter installation, change or removal yet, you can learn more here:

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Meter upgrades


Other issues with meter installation

New meter installations, upgrades or changes can be arranged online. Once we've confirmed the details of your meter installation, a qualified installer will be sent to complete the installation. Occasionally during this process, a site defect may prevent the installer from continuing the installation. This could be due to electrical issues or on-site contaminants like asbestos.

If this happens, the meter installer will provide you with information outlining the site defect, who is responsible for fixing the issue and who you should contact to discuss the matter further.

If you're a homeowner, the wiring issues associated with the circuitry in the home, the switchboard and the meter box are your responsibility. If you're a renter, you'll need to get in touch with the landlord or real estate agent.

For more help, get in touch with us.

Digital meter installation issues

If you've recently had a digital electricity meter installed and you're having trouble with your supply, get in touch with us.

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