Submit a meter read

Get clearer usage updates and bill projections when you submit your own meter read.

Enjoy the control of a self-service meter read

If you have a basic meter you can send us your meter read and get more accurate information about your energy use. With this information, you can: 

  • Reduce estimated bills. Send us your meter read up to two days before your next bill date and we'll use this read on your bill. You can also send us your read if you'd like us to adjust an estimated bill.
  • Use data to your advantage. Having access to your energy usage data gives you a granular insight into your costs and usage breakdowns. With this you have more tools to improve your energy usage behaviours and pre-empt surges.
  • Control your budget. Submitting a meter read helps you manage your budget with bill projections, usage updates and costs-to-date.
Want a reminder to read your meter?

By turning notifications on in the AGL app, you'll get a reminder when it's time to read your meter.

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Ways to submit a meter read

  1. Go to the 'Usage' tab in My Account and select either electricity or gas
  2. Select 'Enter a meter read'
  3. Select whether you're entering an electricity or gas read and check the address
  4. Confirm there is safe and clear access to your meter
  5. Enter your meter read, reading left to right and including all the zeroes before the numbers
  6. Select ‘Next’ to submit your meter read
  1. Go to the 'Overview' tab in the AGL app and tap either electricity or gas
  2. Tap the arrow on the blue Usage card 
  3. Tap ‘Enter meter read’ in Usage Details screen 
  4. Enter your meter read, reading left to right and including all the zeroes before the numbers
  5. Tap ‘Send this reading’ to submit your meter read 

If you’ve entered too many incorrect meter reads, you’ll have the option to message us so we can help you through the process.

Ready to read your meter?

Find out how to locate and read your meter type at Read your own meter.

Helpful information

If you're asked to send us a photo of your meter, here are a few tips.

Make sure images are:

  • clear, not blurry
  • taken from directly in front, not from above or below
  • showing the entire face of the meter
  • free from dust or dirt
  • easily visible, not obscured by writing or glare
  • showing two sets of numbers – the meter reading and the serial number.

Example of an easy-to-read meter photo

Example of a clear and in-focus meter photo

For this meter, the meter serial number is 112900 and the reading is 04088.

  • The read was too high or too low compared to the last official read
  • The photo provided wasn’t clear or accurate
  • No photo was provided when requested
  • Our records indicate the meter is faulty, disconnected, or pending replacement

If you think your meter read should have been accepted, get in touch with us.

To access your metering data, complete a Metering Data Request Form.

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