Power outages

What to do when you experience a power outage.

In case of emergency

If you believe there is an emergency or require immediate medical attention, call 000 now. If you rely on a life support machine, refer to your action plan (read up on our Life Support Program to get started on your plan).

Most local power outages are resolved quickly, but if you suddenly find yourself in the dark and it's safe to do so, check if other households in your street still have power. If they do, you may be the only one experiencing a power outage. Check if your mains switch in your fuse box is off. Turning it back on may fix the problem. 

If you believe you have any electrical faults or problems with an appliance, contact a licensed electrician. Never try to fix an electrical fault yourself.

Who to contact during a power outage

Different companies distribute power to various locations across Australia. They are your first contact for reporting a power outage in your area. 

Find your distributor's number on your AGL energy bill under 'Faults and Emergencies'. If you already know the name of your distributor, you can find their contact details below or if you are unsure what distributor services your area, you can find this information on the Australian Energy Regulator website.


Distributor Contact Details
Jemena Electricity 131 626 

United Energy 132 099 

Citipower 131 280 

Powercor 132 412 

Ausnet Services 131 799 



Distributor Contact Details
Australian Gas Networks 1300 001 001 

Ausnet Services 136 707 

Multinet 132 691 


Plan ahead for power outages

  1. Save your distributor's number in your phone for when the lights go out. You can find this on your AGL bill under 'Faults and Emergencies'.
  2. Keep a torch and some candles at hand.
  3. Make sure you register your life support machine with us if you rely on one in your household. We’ll help you put together a plan for the unlikely event of a power outage.

Having issues with gas supply and meter problems?

Please contact AGL in the following cases. Keep in mind that due to COVID-19, our call wait times are longer than usual. Log in to My Account or the AGL energy app to message us. If you can’t get online, call 131 245.

  • You have no gas at all
  • Your gas has been disconnected in error
  • Your meter is stolen
  • You require a meter re-light (for example, if construction work has occurred on your street).

Troubleshoot your electric hot water system

If you experience a power outage, your electric hot water system may be affected. If this is the case, call your distributor using the above information. 

If you have power to the house but your hot water system is not working, you may need to contact a licensed plumber to address any issues, such as worn parts, leakages or a broken thermostat. For information on diagnosing and fixing faults in your hot water system, read up on Hot water problems.