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Check internet plan details

Learn how to check your internet data usage.

Internet plan details

All AGL internet plans include unlimited data usage.

Internet speeds vary from plan to plan, so you can choose a speed that suits you. Find your plan details, including download, upload and nbn® speeds, using the following steps:

Check internet plan details in My Account:

  1. Log in to My Account and go to Overview.
  2. Find the nbn tile and select View details.

To choose a different internet plan and speed, visit Compare nbn plans.

Check internet plan details in the AGL app:

  1. In the AGL app go to Overview and select the nbn™ tile.
  2. Under Settings, tap View Plan.

Internet data usage

Because all AGL internet plans include unlimited data, you can't check specific data usage details in My Account or the AGL app. If you’d like to check your data usage, Contact us.

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