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Check mobile data usage

Learn how to check your mobile data usage.

Mobile data usage

In My Account and the AGL app, you can check:

  • Data used

  • Data remaining

  • Days left to use the remaining data

  • Data boosts consumed

  1. Log in to My Account and select the Usage tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Select Mobile to view your usage information.

In the AGL app, tap on the Overview tab and scroll to find your mobile service.

If you don't have access to My Account or the AGL app and would like to check your usage, get in touch with us.

Data Boost
If you use more than your monthly data allowance, you’ll automatically get a 1GB Data Boost for $10, up to 3GB in a billing period. Once you’ve reached that limit, you won’t be able to use additional data for the rest of the billing period.

You may be charged for any additional data used ($0.01 per MB), for a limited time before we discontinue your data access. If you’d like to continue to use additional data, call 1300 361 676.

All unused data (including Data Boosts) expires at the end of each billing period. We’ll provide you with SMS alerts once you’ve reached approximately 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data allowance.

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