Emergencies and power outages

If there’s a risk to life or property, call 000 now. For faults and power outages, find the contact details for your distributor here.

Who should I contact?

If you are concerned that a major incident or fault is posing a risk to life or property, call 000 now.

For internet and network outages, go to our outages and troubleshooting page.

What to do if you're experiencing an electrical outage or fault

If there's an electrical fault or outage in your area, you'll need to contact your energy distributor. They’re responsible for the supply of energy to your property – that is, the poles and wires, gas pipes, and connections.

Distributors are different depending on your area. You can locate the contact details of your distributor on the top right corner of your AGL bill, next to ‘Faults and emergencies’.

If you don't have a bill handy, use our search tool below to find your distributor.

Having issues with gas supply and meter problems?

Please contact AGL in the following cases. Keep in mind that due to COVID-19, our call wait times are longer than usual. Log in to My Account or the AGL app to message us. If you can't get online, call 131 245.

  • You have no gas at all
  • Your gas has been disconnected in error
  • Your meter is stolen
  • You require a meter re-light (for example, if construction work has occurred on your street).

Find your distributor

Enter your postcode and select your suburb in the distributor search tool below. We'll find the distributor in your area. Some suburbs may have more than one distributor.

What should I do if there is a gas leak?

If the smell of gas is coming from an appliance on your property, or from pipework near the gas meter, turn the natural gas meter handle to the off position first before you immediately phone your local plumber or gas fitter or, if you rent, your real estate agent.

If you pinpoint the smell is coming from the meter specifically, contact AGL directly. Otherwise, you can find more information about gas safety on our Natural Gas Safety page.

All NSW distributors

Fuel type Distributor number wesbite
Gas Jemena Gas Networks 131 909 www.jemena.com.au
Electricity Endeavour Energy 131 003 www.endeavourenergy.com.au
Ausgrid 131 388 www.ausgrid.com.au/poweroutages
Essential Energy 132 080 www.essentialenergy.com.au
Hot water emergency Appliances and Tradespeople 132 404

Life support

If you rely on a life support machine, make sure you’ve registered it with us. We’ll help you put together a plan for the unlikely event of an energy outage.

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