Disconnecting your AGL Services?

To request a disconnection of gas and/or electricity at your current business address, please call 133 835 (Monday to Friday, 8am until 6pm AEST).


It's Great to Stay with AGL!

Stay with AGL and keep all the benefits of being an AGL business customer – electricity and gas plans that will help you save on your energy bills, flexible payment plans and our energy-saving services, including My AGL IQ®, our free efficiency tips and energy audits, Appliances and Tradespeople and more.


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Moving with AGL

Moving your business is simpler and easier when you move with AGL. Did you know you can stay with AGL when you move premises? You can take care of everything quickly and fuss-free with AGL Energy Online, so when you arrive at your new premises all your energy needs are taken care of. Visit our Moving Premises page where you'll find everything you need to help with your move.


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How do I disconnect my electricity or gas?

To disconnect the electricity or gas at your existing premises, call us on 133 835.

How do I get my electricity or gas connected?

To arrange for the connection of electricity or gas at your business premises, call us on 133 835.

IMPORTANT: If you’re moving within the next 3 business days you should call us immediately to avoid delays.

Will I be charged for connection or disconnection?

AGL operates in four states, each with their own rules for connection and disconnection. All four have different connection fees and in some cases, disconnection or final reading fees.

These fees cover the cost for someone (generally your energy distributor) to visit your premises and take a gas or electricity meter reading outside of their normal schedule. Because distributors don’t bill customers directly, these fees are billed to AGL. These fees are then passed on to you and will appear on your first or final bill.

If you are on an AGL Advantage energy plan and you’re not transferring this plan to your next premises, an early termination fee may apply if you disconnect before the end of the fixed term.