Our commitment to our customers

We’re committed to making things better for our customers, communities, the economy and our planet. Our commitment to Progress for Life, means we put our customers first to deliver progress that will benefit Australian lives.

We were a signatory to The Energy Charter in 2019 and 2020 and have compiled the following reports to demonstrate the work we are delivering against each of these principles.

While 2020 will be our last year as a signatory to the Energy Charter, we remain committed to the five principles of the Energy Charter:

  1. putting the customer at the centre
  2. improving affordability
  3. delivering energy safely, sustainably and reliably
  4. improving the customer experience
  5. supporting customers facing vulnerable circumstances.

These principles are embedded in our core business strategy through our Social Licence program and Customer Markets strategy.

We will track the targets set out in our FY20 report through our Social Licence Council and report progress publicly to ensure accountability and transparency of these commitments we have made.

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