At AGL we are very aware of our responsibility to the community and the environment as well as our customers and shareholders.

Our Promises to our Customers

The AGL Customer Charter outlines what you can expect as our customer. It is also a benchmark against which we measure our service to you. Our mutual rights and obligations are covered by your General Terms as well as specific regulations and codes.

At AGL we have four central promises that we make to all our residential and business customers:

  • We will deliver quality service
  • We will provide value for money
  • We will understand your needs and meet them
  • We will be there with the answers when you need them.

And you can be sure these are not just empty promises. We will measure our ability to deliver against them and publish the results in our annual Sustainability Report as well as here on the AGL website.

AGL Customer Council

The AGL Customer Council was formed in June 1998, and meets on a quarterly basis to discuss a wide range of matters that affect our customers and the communities in which we operate. The continuing aim of the Council is to act as a forum for two-way communication between AGL and representatives for our residential and small business customers. As an essential service provider, we are committed to providing customers with secure and affordable energy. 

View the AGL Dispute Resolution Policy.

Our Commitment to the Environment

AGL is taking action to responsibly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions while providing secure and affordable energy to its customers. A number of AGL’s operations have a material environmental footprint and have the potential to interact with, and impact, various aspects of the environment. The community has a keen interest in ensuring that AGL, along with other businesses operating in the community, is held to high standards of accountability for the impact of business operations on the environment.

AGL is committed to achieving excellence in environmental management and performance.

AGL has a culture where environmental principles are front of mind and part of everyday business; and which promotes excellent environmental performance, continuous improvement and the ongoing reduction of environmental risks. In April 2015, AGL released a Greenhouse Gas Policy, providing a renewed commitment to contribute to Australia’s climate change objectives.

AGL is committed to structuring its activities and operating its generation portfolio to be consistent with a global agreement to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels (2°C goal). In order to achieve this, AGL is committed to modelling its own progress towards an emissions reduction pathway that is consistent with this outcome. The Greenhouse Gas Policy acknowledges that we are moving to a carbon constrained future both nationally and internationally, provides a framework within which we will structure future carbon reduction activities, and presents a pathway for the gradual decarbonisation of our generation portfolio by 2050.

AGL's Future Forest Initiative

AGL's Future Forest Initiative allows customers, for just a $1 a week, the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions associated with their household's electricity through diverse native Australian forestry. The proceeds from the offsets will go to supporting the planting of native Australian trees.

For more information, read about AGL's Future Forrest Commitments.

An overview of our environmental policies is available in our Sustainability Report. AGL Green Choice allows businesses to take positive action to reduce the impact of their energy usage on the environment.

Our Commitment to the Community

AGL’s commitments are articulated in our Community Engagement Policy. Our aspiration is to make a net positive social, economic and environmental contribution to the communities in which we operate. Our vision is for AGL to be a trusted and respected member of the communities in which we operate.

AGL will:

Be proactive: we will engage with communities early and often, so that we understand and respond to their interests and concerns.

Be flexible and inclusive: we will offer a range of engagement opportunities that are tailored to the variety of needs and preferences of the communities in which we operate.

Be transparent: we will act honestly and ethically in all our dealings with the communities in which we operate.

Support our employees and contractors to engage well: we will provide tools, peer support and training to enable our staff to deliver on our commitment.

Continuously improve our engagement: we will evaluate the effectiveness of our engagement and modify it as needed to ensure that our activities address community needs and expectations.

Our Commitment to Stakeholder Engagement

We are committed to engaging in constructive dialogue with our stakeholders to understand and respond to issues that are important to our people, customers, investors, suppliers and partners, regulators, landowners and the wider community.

During FY17, we established the AGL Stakeholder Advisory Council. Chaired by our CEO and Managing Director, Andy Vesey, the primary function of the Council is to engage with our senior management on effective strategies to manage our business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner. 

External members of the Council were selected to provide expertise across the investment, customer, social services, civil society, government and environmental fields.  

A summary of the key issues for each of our stakeholder groups from FY17 can be found in our 2017 Sustainability Report.

Our Affordability Initiative

We acknowledge that as an essential service provider, AGL has a responsibility to ensure it provides appropriate support to vulnerable members of the community. Life changes, the unexpected can happen and energy costs can cause stress in the household budget.

Consequently, in December 2014, AGL launched its Affordability Initiative after consultation with community and consumer group leaders. Our key commitments are:

  • Improve the way we work with our customers
  • Invest $6 million over three years to support hardship customers
  • Target early intervention to support vulnerable customers
  • Support policies which enhance competition of offers
  • Improve comparability and transparency
  • Deliver clear customer choice
  • Offer direct contact for financial counsellors and community workers
  • Provide easy to find assistance.

Our commitments to provide meaningful support to our customers is being made to, and following consultation with: Brotherhood of St Laurence, Financial Counselling Australia, NSW Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Queensland Council of Social Service, St Vincent de Paul Society, Kildonan Uniting Care and South Australian Council of Social Service.

Financial Inclusion Action Plan

Energy is fundamental to the everyday lives of Australians and as an essential service provider, we understand the importance of the role we play in providing secure and affordable energy to households and businesses.

Our Financial Inclusion Action Plan brings together all the work we have already been doing with a new focus on financial inclusion and resilience amongst our customers, our people and the communities in which we operate. AGL recognises that social and economically inclusive societies are happier, healthier and more productive.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At AGL we’re committed to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture. We recognise that by valuing diversity and inclusion we’ll have a better understanding of, and engagement with, the customers we serve, our employees, and the communities in which we operate. AGL's Diversity & Inclusion Council oversees a comprehensive strategy to build inclusion and foster diversity in all its forms across AGL workplaces.

Gender Diversity

AGL’s Board committed to achieving a target that, by 2018, 30% of AGL’s non-executive Directors will be female. That target has been achieved – AGL has 3 female non-executive directors and they represent 37.5% of non-executive directors on the Board.

AGL currently has 3 women on the Executive Team, comprising 30% of Executive Team positions that report to Managing Director and CEO Andy Vesey.

We’ve set a target to increase the number of women in the Senior Leadership Pipeline to 40% by FY2019 and as at 30 June 2017, women represent 38% of the senior leadership pipeline positions.

AGL’s gender diversity at 30 June 2017 is as follows:

     FY16          FY17    
Female directors on the Board 33% 33%
Female employees in Executive Positions1 14% 30%
Female employees in Enterprise Leadership Team2 39% 38%
Female employees in Senior Leadership Pipeline3 34% 38%
Female employees in the AGL Group 30% 31%


1 An AGL Executive is defined as the CEO and each direct report to the CEO. As at 30 June 2017, there were 10 Executives
2 The Enterprise Leadership Team includes the Executive Team and generally, each direct report to an Executive Team member.
3 The Senior Leadership Pipeline includes all persons in roles graded Level 12 and above as per AGL’s Position Framework. This represents approximately the top 15% of roles in AGL.

LGBTI Inclusion

In 2013 AGL publicly committed to review its employment policies for LGBTI employees and subsequently implemented an LGBTI inclusion strategy in 2014. AGL was recognised for supporting its LGBTI employees in May 2015, when AGL was rated as one of the best performing first-time entrants to the Australian Workplace Equality Index, which is published annually by Pride in Diversity.

In September 2015, AGL’s Managing Director and CEO announced AGL’s support for marriage equality in Australia and stated “Given that approximately seven percent of our employees across our regional and metropolitan sites identify as LGBTI, our support for marriage equality helps foster an inclusive and open workplace which will drive higher levels of employee wellbeing and productivity,” said Mr Vesey. AGL’s position was strongly endorsed by AGL’s Board, management and LGBTI employee inclusion network, ‘AGL Shine’.

In May 2017, AGL was awarded with Gold Tier Employer status at the Australian LGBTI Inclusion Awards in Sydney. More than 100 organisations participated in this year’s Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) – an annual assessment of government, corporate, small business and not-for-profit organisations’ efforts to build an LGBTI-inclusive culture and environment. This is the third year that AGL has participated in the AWEI and this year’s Gold award was preceded by a Silver tier award in 2016 and being recognised as the best performing new entrant in 2015.

Our Commitment to Ethical Conduct in Political Engagement

At AGL we have always been committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and transparency in relation to our political engagement.

While political donations from companies like AGL are not prohibited under legislation, we acknowledge the community perception that political donations may constitute undue influence from business on government. The trust of our customers, investors and stakeholders is vital to AGL.

In accordance with AGL’s Political Donations Policy, which was approved by the AGL Board in August 2015:

  • AGL will not make political donations.
  • AGL will not use undisclosed proxies or third parties as intermediaries for the purposes of making political donations.

Prior to this Policy, AGL disclosed political donations in its annual Sustainability Report and to the Australian Electoral Commission and relevant state authorities. Our FY2014 Sustainability Report included a complete list of all political donations, including those that were below disclosure thresholds.

Political donations that AGL made in FY2015 were also proactively disclosed on our website.