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AGL Energy app FAQs

How is my projected energy bill calculated?

How is bill projection calculated?

Your bill projection is an estimated total of what your bill will be at the end of your billing cycle, either for the month or for the quarter.

For customers with a smart meter, the bill projection estimate will be based on your average daily usage so far and the number of days left in your billing cycle.

For customers with a basic meter, the bill projection estimate will be based on your energy usage for the same period last year, your most recent bill, or if you're new to AGL, it will be based the average of similar customers or households in your state.

How are 'usage so far' and 'cost-to-date' calculated?

For customers with a smart meter:

  • The usage so far is the amount of energy you've used so far in this billing cycle.
  • The cost-to-date is the cost for your usage so far and will include supply charges, usage charges, any applicable solar, demand or green charges, and one-off credits, along with GST.

For customers with a basic meter:

  • The usage so far is an estimated figure based on your usage for the same period last year, your most recent bill, or if you're new to AGL, with this meter it will be based other customers or households in your state.
  • The cost-to-date will be the costs associated with this estimated usage and includes supply charges, usage charges, guaranteed discounts and concessions, along with GST.

Regardless of your meter type, if you're receiving other credits like a pay on time discount this will not be included in the cost-to-date estimate. 

Other helpful resources to help understand bill calculations:

Download or view the projected bill details in My Account or the AGL Energy App.

How is my projected bill calculated after completing my own meter read?

You may be able to view a projection of your next bill after completing a meter read.

Remember, your bill projection is an estimate only. Your actual bill may be different.

  1. We estimate your average daily charges based on your read provided for the billing period and will still take into account the factors like seasonality, similar home usage, usage from previous periods etc.
  2. We multiply this figure by the total number of days in the billing period.

This projection takes into account usage charges, supply charges and one-off credits. It may also include solar, demand and green charges if applicable. All charges displayed includes GST. The projection excludes any pay-on-time discounts, merchant fees and miscellaneous adjustments.

Since your last bill, you've used tells you the cost of your energy consumption up to this point in your billing period. It includes supply charges, usage charges and one-off credits. It may also include solar, demand and green charges if applicable. All charges displayed includes GST. Pay-on-time discounts, merchant fees and miscellaneous adjustments are excluded.

However, please note that the bill projection and since your last bill, you've used does not include any credit we may apply if your meter read is lower than expected. That credit will be applied in your Account Balance and will be applied to your next bill unless otherwise refunded.

Download or view the projected bill details in My Account or the AGL Energy App.

For more information on GST, refer to Do fees and charges include GST?

Does AGL have a mobile app?

The AGL Energy App lets you stay in control, informed and connected so it's easier to manage your budget and avoid surprises on your bill.

If you're an AGL customer, you can:

  • Enter your own meter reads.~
  • View historical billing data.
  • Easily pay bills via PayPal or credit card.
  • Download your bill
  • Monitor your solar usage and production

If you have a digital (or 'smart') electricity meter, you can:

  • View your daily and monthly usage.
  • Receive a projection of your next bill amount.

~Only available to customers without a remotely read smart meter.

Simply download the App from the App Store or on Google Play and login using your AGL online account details. 

Get it on Google Play

Got more questions? Ask us here! If you're using the app, feel free to share your experiences with your Community members in our feedback board

Why am I seeing "Your password is no longer secure. Reset it now to log in"?

If you get a message that says “your password is no longer secure” and we're asking you to reset it, here's why:

While your login details remain safe with us, we've been advised that your email may have been leaked by another website or service. We take your security very seriously, so you'll need to reset your password before you log in again.

We're not sure which website or application is responsible for this leak, but we recommend checking out Stay Smart Online for some useful tips about online security.


How do I submit a meter read using the AGL App?

Step 1 Download the AGL App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play depending on your mobile device.

Step 2 Find the meter that you want to read.

Firstly, ensure safe and clear access to your meter.

For a guide on how to find and read your meter, please go to:

Step 3 Open the AGL Energy app on your device.

Step 4 Navigate to the relevant usage screen of the Electricity or Gas meter you wish to read and click on the “Enter meter read” tile.





Step 5 Enter your meter read on the app. Read your meter left to right, including all the leading zeroes.



Step 7 Ensure that you've entered the correct numbers, click 'Send this Reading' to submit your meter read.




Step 8 (Optional) Too many incorrect meter-read attempts.

If you've entered too many incorrect meter reads. You'll be presented with the option to message our Customer Service team directly who will help you through the process.



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