Fraud prevention measures at AGL

Find out about the steps we’re taking to help keep your account secure

We’re committed to safeguarding our customers against fraud and keeping your personal information safe and secure.  

That’s why we’re introducing two-factor authentication (2FA) measures to verify your identity and help prevent unauthorised access to your account. 

So when you’re interacting with us, we can be sure that we’re speaking to the account holder, or an authorised representative, and not a scammer trying to access your personal information or payment details.

How two-factor authentication works

2FA provides better protection because you need more than just a username and password to access your account. It adds an extra layer of security by asking you to confirm two different types of information. This can include something that you know, such as a password, and something that you have, like a code to your mobile phone. 

Step 1: When you log in to your account, or get in touch with us, you’ll be asked to provide something that only you know, like your address, username or account information.

Step 2: The new 2FA part of the verification process means we’ll also verify your identity by sending an SMS to the mobile number you have registered with us. This message contains a unique one-time code which you’ll be asked to provide to us. When your code is verified as a match, your identity has been confirmed.

Make sure your contact details are correct

It’s important we have the right contact details for you, so that we can enable 2FA and better protect your account. Please contact us on 1300 307 731 (8am to 8pm) to review or update your account details.  

What to do if you suspect fraud

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your AGL account you must:

  • Contact us immediately to report your concerns on 1300 307 731 (8am to 8pm). 

  • Immediately report these suspicions of fraud on your account to your bank or financial services provider.  

  • Report the fraud to your local or territory police station.

  • Reset your AGL password via My Account or the AGL App.  

Useful links

For more information on how to protect yourself against fraud check out these sites: 

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