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Solar problems and repair

How to identify a problem with your solar system and navigate repairs and warranty.

Detecting a problem with your solar system

You may notice something isn't right with your solar system if:

  • the system has turned off

  • there’s a crack or physical damage to the panels

  • your bill is much higher than expected

  • your bill doesn't reflect a FiT

  • you receive a solar status alert

  • there's a reduction in export patterns

  • the inverter is flashing red, displaying an error message or the screen is blank.

Monitoring your system in the AGL app

Monitoring your solar system regularly will help you identify any changes or issues with your system. You can check your solar system status and solar battery performance in the AGL app. Visit Using the AGL app page for instructions.

For additional system performance, including readings, check your inverter manufacturer's app, e.g. Fronius app.


While maintenance reduces the risk of solar system faults, you may still need to repair faults caused by problems like moisture damage, electrical issues and certain weather events.

Never try to fix an electrical issue yourself, you should contact a solar professional accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Repairs for an AGL-installed system

All systems we install come with an AGL workmanship warranty (typically 5 years), as well as a manufacturer’s warranty. You may also have rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

If we installed your system, we may be able to help you troubleshoot the fault. Contact our Solar Customer Support team on 1300 377 118.

Repairs for other systems

For solar systems not installed by us, contact the original installer to see if your repairs can be done under warranty.

If you cannot contact the installer, you should be able to find contact details of your system's manufacturer on your warranty documentation. We may also be able to help you isolate a potential issue and refer you to the Clean Energy Council (CEC) installer.

Systems not under warranty

For solar systems not under warranty, we suggest you perform a Solar Health Check via My Account or the AGL app. The Solar Health Check can be found via the Solar Status feature and provides details of service technicians that we recommend.

Bill troubleshooting

If you’ve received a bill that's higher than much higher expected, or your system is not producing the energy or performance you’re used to, there may be an issue with your solar system.

First, check whether the inverter is displaying any errors and for further assistance contact us.

Learn about feed-tariffs, solar credits and billing information for your solar system or find out more about why your energy bill is higher than expected.

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