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AGL Netflix Plan

From activating your Netflix account, to moving house, here’s everything you need to know about the AGL Netflix Plan.

The AGL Netflix Plan

Netflix is a streaming service with a variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries and more.

The AGL Netflix Plan is an electricity plan that includes Netflix, for the life of the plan and is available to both new and existing AGL and Netflix customers. The AGL Netflix plan includes the Netflix Standard with Ads tier and if you’d prefer a different Netflix tier (Standard or Premium), you can change at any time.  

No matter which Netflix tier you’re on, you’ll enjoy $96 RRP of Netflix value every year. For more information on the AGL Netflix Plan features and rates, visit the AGL Netflix Plan.

Activate Netflix with AGL

Receiving your activation email

You’ll receive an activation email once your electricity is connected at your property. Use the link in this email to activate your Netflix account. If you haven't received an activation email check your junk folder or activate through My Account. 

How to activate

After you’ve signed up to the AGL Netflix Plan and your electricity plan starts with us, you’ll need to activate your Netflix account to ensure that you’re receiving all your plan benefits. You’ll need to activate Netflix whether you are new to Netflix or an existing Netflix customer. 

There are three ways to activate your Netflix:

  1. Open the personalised link in the activation email you receive from us or Netflix.
  2. Log in to AGL My Account and select 'Activate now' on the homepage.
  3. Log in to the AGL app and select 'Activate now'.

You’ll then be redirected to Netflix and follow the prompts.

More than one property on the AGL Netflix Plan

If you sign up to the AGL Netflix Plan at multiple properties, and you would like to have two separate Netflix accounts, make sure you use a different email address when activating your Netflix benefit for your second property.

Existing Netflix customers

If you’re an existing Netflix customer you can easily link your Netflix account, no need to cancel it first.

Follow the steps above to activate your AGL Netflix benefit and then enter your existing Netflix credentials to link your existing Netflix account.  

You will continue to be charged separately for any existing Netflix account until you activate your Netflix benefit and link that account to your AGL Netflix Plan. If you previously paid through a third party, for example Apple Pay, and have linked your account to a partner package, you must also cancel your subscription through Apple. Otherwise, you may continue to be charged by Apple.

For any queries regarding your billing with Netflix, please contact Netflix directly.

 If you accidentally connect the wrong Netflix account to your AGL account, please contact Netflix customer service and provide the email address for the Netflix account that is incorrectly linked.

If you know the email address you used to sign up for Netflix, visit to reset your password. 

If you don’t know the email address you used to sign up for Netflix, or believe you may have mistyped it, check to see if you are signed into Netflix on the device you used to sign up. If so, you can locate and update your account information.  

If you need additional support, contact Netflix customer service. 

If you're an existing Netflix Basic customer, you’ll need to choose another tier when signing up to the AGL Netflix plan.

AGL and Netflix have different billing cycles – Netflix bills monthly in advance and AGL bills in arrears. If you’re currently a Netflix customer, there will be an initial transition period from your existing Netflix subscription to receiving your Netflix benefit with AGL.

Once you activate your Netflix service under the AGL Netflix Plan and link your existing Netflix account, Netflix will process an auto-credit to your Netflix account. This credit is for the unused days or the part of your monthly Netflix subscription that you paid in advance to Netflix, and that you didn’t use because you activated the Netflix service with AGL during that month.

While you cannot apply this Netflix auto-credit to your AGL Netflix Plan, you can use it for any services purchased directly from Netflix when you are no longer on the AGL Netflix Plan. If you would like this credit refunded to your credit card, you can discuss your options by contacting Netflix.

Netflix account management

View or change Netflix tier

Netflix Standard with ads is included in the AGL Netflix plan, but you can change your Netflix tier at any time.

To see what Netflix tier you’re currently on, go to Netflix Plans and you'll see your current plan.

To change your Netflix tier:

You can change your Netflix plan at any time by going to Netflix change plan page and selecting the plan you prefer.

If you upgrade to a plan higher than the one included in your package, the new price will be reflected on your bill. 

Trouble with your Netflix account?

If you’re having trouble with your Netflix account, the best place to answer most of your questions will be Netflix Help Centre.

Billing and payments

When you receive your electricity bill on the AGL Netflix Plan:

  • If you are on the included Netflix Standard with ads tier, there will be no additional cost for Netflix on your bill.
  • If you selected an upgraded Netflix tier, you’ll see the additional cost for your Netflix tier as a separate item on your bill.

You won’t receive a separate bill from Netflix. The cost of any upgraded Netflix tier (Standard or Premium) will be included as a separate item on your electricity bill, and you’ll be invoiced for the same time period in which you have electricity with the AGL Netflix Plan. For example, if your electricity bill is for 98 days, your Netflix charge will also be for 98 days. For the daily rates, please refer to the AGL Netflix Plan terms and conditions (PDF).  

How you pay your bill is up to you; explore Ways to pay your bill.

There are a few scenarios that might explain an issue with your Netflix bill.

Netflix accounts under two email addresses

If you are an existing Netflix customer and have activated your AGL Netflix benefit using a different email address to the one you use for your Netflix account, you will be billed for two Netflix accounts.

If you don't need two Netflix accounts, make sure you cancel the Netflix account that isn't linked to your AGL Netflix Plan to ensure you’re not billed for two accounts.

Third-party billing

If you are billed for Netflix through a third party e.g. Apple Pay or Foxtel, you will need to manually cancel your billing with these providers. Otherwise, you may continue to be charged by Apple.

Move house with the AGL Netflix plan

Moving house with the AGL Netflix Plan follows the same process as all our plans. For everything you need to know visit Move house or start arranging your move in My Account.

If you select the AGL Netflix plan for your new address, you will need to activate Netflix at your new home. Once electricity is connected at your new home, keep an eye out for an email with an activation link.

When there’s an overlap in your move-out and move-in dates

If there’s an overlap in the time between moving out of your old address and into your new address, you will be billed for two AGL Netflix Plans. Please ensure you activate Netflix at your new home before your move out date to avoid disruption to your Netflix streaming.

When there’s a gap between your move-out and move-in dates

If there’s a gap between the date you move out of your old address and into your new address, your Netflix service will stop with AGL during this period.

If you had a Netflix account before joining the AGL Netflix Plan, Netflix may reinstate your old previous Netflix subscription once you move out of your current house. Netflix will let you know beforehand, that they may recommence billing you directly. If so, you will have access to streaming through Netflix during the period of any gap between any house-moves. As Netflix bills monthly in advance, this could lead to an overlap in your payments depending on when you activate your Netflix service with AGL at your new home. For any billing enquiries, please contact Netflix directly.

If you’ve chosen the AGL Netflix Plan at your new home, ensure you activate Netflix as soon as AGL connects your electricity.

If you have questions about moving house with the AGL Netflix plan, please contact us.

Cancel or change from the AGL Netflix Plan

You’re free to swap or cancel your plan at any time, and we won’t charge you an exit fee.

If you cancel your AGL Netflix Plan, or you change to a different electricity plan, your Netflix will be cancelled on behalf of AGL.  

If you have another valid Netflix method of payment (credit or debit card, for example) on file with Netflix, your Netflix account won't be disrupted, and Netflix will charge your previous method of payment. 

If you don’t have another valid Netflix method of payment on file, your Netflix account will go on hold. To continue using Netflix, visit your Netflix Account page and add a new method of payment.

What information does AGL share with Netflix?

We will share your email address registered to your AGL account and your unique AGL/Netflix account number with Netflix. We may also share other types of personal information with Netflix on a strictly needs-to-know basis, to provide you with your Netflix service. For more information, visit the AGL Netflix Plan Terms and Conditions (PDF).

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