AGL Energy Limited has confirmed the interest payment dates for the AGL Energy Subordinated Notes (AGLHA). Interest payments are scheduled to be paid quarterly in arrears on the interest payment dates being paid each 8 March, 8 June, 8 September and 8 December each year. If any interest payment date is not a business day, then the interest payment date will occur on the next business day. Payments will only be made via direct credit to nominated bank accounts.

Interest Payments 2017

Subordinated notes (AGLHA)2

Date Event
28 February 2017 Record date
8 March 2017 Interest payment date
31 May 2017 Record date
8 June 2017 Interest payment date
31 August 2017 Record date
8 September 2017 Interest payment date
30 November 2017 Record date
8 December 2017 Interest payment date