It's time your electricity meter got smart.

If you’ve received a letter from us offering you the opportunity to have a digital meter installed at your home, then you’ll hopefully soon be enjoying all of the benefits a digital meter enables for free!



With up-to-date usage information, a digital meter gives you energy your way with:

  • energy app

    AGL'S Energy App

    Anywhere, anytime you can:

    • Check energy usage
    • Set usage alerts
    • Pay bills on the go.
  • my agl iq

    My Account

    With My Account, you can:

    • Organise your home or small business move.
    • View and monitor your energy usage and bill details.
    • View and pay your bills.
    • Choose to receive your bills via email and take the worry out of remembering to pay by setting up Direct Debit.
    • Update your personal details.
    • Track how much energy you are using.
  • monthly billing

    Monthly Billing

    • Choose to receive bills monthly for smaller more manageable bills.
    • Select^ which day of the month to receive your bills.

Once you've arranged your appointment a technician will see if your home is suitable for a replacement meter. If everything's OK, it takes up to two hours to install your new meter at no cost to you and your power will likely be off for no more than 30 minutes. However, if there's any issue with the installation that involves a cost, don't worry, we won't go ahead with the upgrade.


^ Terms and conditions apply. Weekends and public holidays affect our ability to issue your bill on the day requested. Your bill payment due date will be 14 business days from and including the day we issue your bill.