The easy way to pay anytime 

The AGL Payment Card offers a convenient way to make payments toward your residential AGL energy bills without needing your bill on hand. This means you can make smaller, more frequent payments at any time to help make paying your bills easier.

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The AGL Payment Card is optional and available to all residential customers. 

Making payments using the AGL Payment Card

An AGL Payment Card can help make paying your energy bills easier.

• Make payments at your convenience without needing your bill.
• Spread your costs by making regular payments towards your electricity or gas account before your bill arrives.
• Make impromptu payments for family members on their behalf.

Just present your card in-store at Australia Post, or refer to the relevant number on the back of your card when paying by credit card, BPAY or PayPal. Of course, you can pay your AGL energy bills using any of our available payment options.

Gas and electricity AGL Payment Cards

To ensure we allocate your payment to the correct account, the payment reference number and barcode on the back of your card is unique. That means you’ll need one card for electricity, and one for gas. The AGL Payment Card is yellow for gas, and blue for electricity. The account type is also listed on the front of the card. 


How to get an AGL Payment Card

Just call AGL Anytime™ 24/7 on 131 245 and we’ll post your card/s out to you within 10 days. If you lose your card, you can call us to receive a replacement.

Paying eBills with the AGL Payment Card

Getting your bills by email is a convenient way to receive and file your energy bills. Once your eBill arrives with your bill payment amount, you can still use your AGL Payment Card to pay your bill. It’s convenient and practical. Set up eBilling via  AGL Energy Online.


Prefer to make regular, equal payments?

Instead of paying with an AGL Payment Card, we recommend a Bill Smoothing plan. Bill Smoothing spreads your estimated annual energy costs across equal monthly, fortnightly or weekly installments You can set it up via AGL Energy Online. If you are not on Direct Debit, you will receive a Bill Smoothing Card to help you make these payments. It’s just another way AGL offers you more.


Top payment FAQs

What is a payment processing fee?

By JeremyH    28/Apr/2016/6:17AM

If you pay your energy bills using a credit card, or any card that uses a credit card payment facility, AGL is charged a merchant services fee by your financial institution. This will appear on your next bill as 'payment processing fee'. You can view the Payment Processing Fee amount in your releva...

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Can I have more time to pay my bill?

By JeremyH    28/Apr/2016/6:11AM

Please call us anytime 24/7 on 131 245 if you're having trouble paying your bill. You may qualify for a payment plan, relief scheme or a government funded concession.

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Can I set automatic bill payments?

By JeremyH    28/Apr/2016/6:22AM

Yes, you can – and it doesn't matter if you're signed up to eBilling or get mailed paper bills either.

Direct Debit lets you pay each bill by its due date automatically, helping you to keep on top of them.

Simply head to this page to get started with setting up Direct Debit – just have your account n...

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Can I pay my bill online?

By JeremyH    28/Apr/2016/6:10AM

The easiest way to view and pay your bills is to log into AGL Energy Online.

Otherwise, you can use our secure online bill payment page to pay online with a Visa or MasterCard. Credit cards are charged a payment processing fee fee which will show up on your next bill. You can view the Payment P...

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How do I cancel my Direct Debit payments?

By JeremyH    28/Apr/2016/6:25AM 

You can cancel your Direct Debit arrangement online or by calling us anytime 24/7 on 131 245.

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