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Carbon Neutral

Make a difference.
Go Carbon Neutral.

Carbon Neutral options are available on most of our products. So, whether you're using AGL energy, internet or mobile, you can make a difference.

What does carbon neutral mean? 

It means the greenhouse gas emissions associated with an activity like generating power are offset. For a product to be considered carbon neutral, action must be taken to offset the emissions associated with supplying it to you.

For our certified Carbon Neutral products, we purchase carbon credits equal to the emissions from making our products available to you. The carbon credits relate to projects that meet the requirements of Climate Active, an Australian Government initiative.

How carbon neutrality is achieved

A common way to achieve carbon neutrality is through carbon offsetting, which is when organisations buy and retire carbon offsets (sometimes called a ‘carbon credit’) to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions they produce. These offsets are created from initiatives that prevent, reduce or remove emissions in the atmosphere.

Why choose Carbon Neutral

Our Carbon Neutral products are certified by Climate Active.

It’s easy and affordable to get Carbon Neutral.

Your choice makes a difference, both locally and globally.

How to get involved

As a residential customer, you can opt in to our Carbon Neutral electricity product for an extra $1 a week and our Carbon Neutral gas product for an extra $0.50 a week.1

Certified Carbon Neutral is already included in our mobile, internet, residential solar and battery products.

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I have an AGL energy plan

It’s easy to add Carbon Neutral to your energy plan. You can do this in My Account, or contact us for help.

I’m new to AGL

You can add Carbon Neutral, certified by Climate Active, to any of our energy plans.

How it works

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Greenhouse gas emissions associated with our products are offset with carbon credits from projects that reduce or remove emissions.

Use your products

We calculate the greenhouse gas emissions created when your products are supplied and used.

We offset these emissions

We buy carbon credits from projects that reduce or remove the amount of greenhouse gases equal to these emissions.

Together, we make a difference

Your small change helps make a big impact, supporting offset projects in Australia and around the world.

What is Climate Active certification?

Climate Active is an Australian network of individuals, businesses and organisations that aims to empower Australians to take climate action now and for the future. The Climate Active network is comprised of certified members across a wide range of industries. This Australian government-backed program enables all levels of Australian society to work together to make a difference.

Carbon Neutral, certified by Climate Active, is available on our electricity, gas, mobile, internet, solar and battery products.

Choose Green Energy

You can also support renewable energy. Choose AGL Green Energy when you sign up or switch to a new electricity plan with us.

Projects already making a difference

Our support of carbon offset projects is already seeing progress towards a better tomorrow. Initiatives like the Westmere Regeneration Project help regenerate Australian land that has been cleared of vegetation, by removing livestock and non-native plants. 

Find other projects and Carbon Neutral news, tips and ideas on AGL Discover.

1Once you opt in, Carbon Neutral will continue to apply if you switch AGL energy plans or contracts (unless you opt out or move house).