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Carbon Neutral

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions about our certified Carbon Neutral energy, mobile, internet and solar battery products.

General questions

When you choose a certified Carbon Neutral product with AGL, we’ll purchase carbon offsets from projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions. 

Some offset methods include reforestation, land regeneration, or energy efficiency projects that generate carbon offsets.

Any carbon offsets we buy to offset greenhouse gas emissions for our certified Carbon Neutral products meet the integrity requirements under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard, which is backed by the Australian Government.

We employ a rigorous selection process when it comes to the carbon offsets we purchase. The carbon offsets meet the integrity requirements under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard to ensure they represent genuine abatement. There are many different offset methodologies, including reforestation, renewable energy or energy efficiency projects that generate carbon offsets.

We purchase carbon offsets from a selection of projects, including Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs), Gold Standard Verified Emissions Reductions (GSVERs) and Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) under the Verra Standard.

To learn more about how carbon offsetting works for AGL customers, view our public disclosure statements.


Building on our history as Australia’s leading private investor in renewable energy, our Climate Transition Action Plan (CTAP) sets out our commitment to our decarbonisation journey.

Our plan commits us to further evolving our energy transition plans:

  • Continue investing in new ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in support of rapid decarbonisation.

  • Responsibly transition our energy portfolio, including transitioning from coal-fired power stations to new sources of electricity supply.

  • Be transparent.

We're already on the path to achieving our ambition of being Net Zero for Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and our commitments will ensure we responsively and responsibly harness the power of our customers, community and technology to get there.

For electricity or gas products, Carbon Neutral will continue to apply if you switch AGL energy plans or contracts (unless you opt out or move house).

If you move house, you can add Carbon Neutral to your AGL energy plan at your new address anytime in My Account or the AGL app, or contact us.

For other products like mobile or internet that include Carbon Neutral as standard, Carbon Neutral will continue as normal whether you change plans, contracts or move house.

Carbon offsets are units or ‘credits’ that represent reductions or removals of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

A carbon offset unit may be created by undertaking certain projects, which have the effect of removing or reducing greenhouse gas from the environment. Each carbon offset unit represents the removal or reduction of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2-e) from the environment.

Carbon offsets are purchased from domestic and international carbon markets and then retired to ensure that the emissions reduction they represent is not double counted. Double counting refers to the same single greenhouse gas emission reduction or removal being counted more than once to show compliance with mitigation targets (possibly across different regulations).

For more information on retiring carbon offsets, view our public disclosure statements.

Your weekly Carbon Neutral contributions will commence the day you opt in for electricity and gas products, or automatically for any mobile or internet product. These contributions will be included in your next energy bill.

To opt out of Carbon Neutral for electricity and gas, call us on 131 245. For other products where Carbon Neutral is included automatically, it’s included at no extra cost to you as our way of giving back and helping you to make a difference.

If you choose to add Carbon Neutral to your AGL product, this will only offset the emissions from the goods or services that AGL directly supplies to you. Adding Carbon Neutral will not offset the emissions associated with any goods or services provided to you by a third party as part of an AGL product.

For more information, view our public disclosure statements.

Solar batteries questions

Our solar battery and solar battery bundles are certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active. So when you buy a solar battery or solar battery bundle from AGL, the greenhouse gas emissions associated with supplying, installing and delivering your system will be offset.

By purchasing a solar product from AGL, you've taken a great step toward lowering your greenhouse gas emissions by reducing your reliance on grid electricity. 

By adding certified Carbon Neutral, you can further offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced by activities like the supply and installation of your solar product.

Our Carbon Neutral certification for solar and solar battery systems does not apply to the energy supplied or consumed from the system, or any connection of the system to the distribution network.


Internet and mobile questions

The processes being offset include every stage associated with the life of a telecommunications product. This includes emissions associated with the materials, manufacturing and packaging of hardware provided; share of network provisioning and running of data centers; associated retail and customer service activities; all transportation and product use; and end of life recycling or disposal.

For more information, view our public disclosure statements.

Yes, Carbon Neutral is included in all internet and mobile plans at no additional cost to AGL and Southern Phone customers. It’s our way of giving back and helping you to make a difference.

Different products generate different amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. For products with particularly high emissions, like energy products, we've given customers a choice to opt in to Carbon Neutral at an affordable price.

We purchase offsets from projects based in Australia and around the world for all of our certified Carbon Neutral products. Customers who value Carbon Neutral energy can contribute to help purchase offsets that meet the requirements of Climate Active, and customers who don’t can continue on the plan price they’re on.