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Customer Charter

This charter outlines what you can expect as our customer. It’s also a benchmark against which we measure our service to you.

Here’s what you can expect from us

We’re always here to help

You can speak to someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will answer your calls promptly and we also provide some self-service options by phone and online. We will respond to written enquiries within 5 business days allowing for delivery and 2-3 days for online enquiries. If you have visual or hearing disabilities, let us know so we can give you assistance with account or billing enquiries. Also tell us if you have any life support or critical power requirements.

You are important to us. If we don’t meet your expectations, we want to change that and bring about a speedy resolution. Refer to our Dispute Resolution Policy for more information.

You have a choice of Energy Plans

Your Energy Plan represents a contract with us. You can choose either a Market Contract or a Standard Retail Contract. A Market Contract offer will specify any special discounts and incentives, as well as outlining prices, fees and charges and may include an Early Termination Fee. Under a Market Contract, you may be offered an Energy Plan with either variable or fixed rates. Variable rates can change at any time during your Energy Plan, with written notice to you. Fixed rates will not change for the duration of your current Energy Plan Period. If you choose a Standard Retail Contract, the terms are subject to regulatory oversight and variations to prices are published on our website and in major newspapers. A 10 Business Day Cooling-off Period applies to both contract types. If you move into a property without contacting a Retailer to set up an account you will be deemed, under regulations, to have a contract with the current Retailer responsible for that property.

We’re your energy Retailer

As your energy Retailer, we are responsible for arranging the connection of electricity and/or gas to your property, sending you bills and looking after your energy needs. If you live in New South Wales, Queensland or South Australia, we are also responsible for appointing a Metering Service Provider to install and maintain your electricity Meter. We can also offer you a range of services, including access to tradespeople, energy efficiency advice and solar solutions. An energy Retailer is different to a Distributor. Your Distributor, who is independent of AGL, owns and is responsible for the electricity poles and wires, gas pipes and gas meters in your area (and electricity meters in Victoria). They’re also responsible for distributing the energy to your property. Because of this, your Distributor will remain the same regardless of which Retailer you sign up with. Distributors are also responsible for performing many of the services you can request through your Retailer, including reading your Meter (if you have a non-digital Meter or if your premises is in Victoria), and restoring network faults. Go to to check who your Distributor is. This information is also listed on your bill.

Connecting your property and installing a new Meter

When you sign up for a new account with AGL at your current property, we need to read your Meter to establish your new AGL account. If there is no clear and safe access to the Meter, let us know so that we can make alternative arrangements to obtain the Meter Reading. Where you need a new electricity or gas meter to be installed, we will work with your Distributor or Meter Service Provider to determine the availability of supply and get a new Meter installed.

Your bills will be clear and easy to read

If you’re a residential or small business customer, we will send you a bill at least every 3 months (2 months for Victorian gas customers). Alternatively, we can agree to a different billing frequency with you, such as monthly billing. 

Your bill will show how much energy you’ve used based on an actual Meter Reading whenever possible. When we cannot obtain an actual Meter Read, your bill will be based on an estimate of your energy usage. If there is no clear and safe access to the Meter, let us know so that we can look at alternative arrangements for your Meter Readings.

If your bill is higher or lower than expected, call us and we’ll explore why. If we need to investigate further, we’ll do so as quickly as possible. All fees will be clearly set out in your Energy Plan and clearly displayed on your bill. We’ll let you know of any changes to these. In the unlikely event that you are overcharged, we’ll let you know and make sure you are reimbursed. If we’ve undercharged you, subject to regulatory limitations, we may recover that amount from you with a  reasonable payment plan that we will agree with you.

You have a choice of convenient ways to pay

We offer a range of convenient bill payment methods including Direct Debit, BPAY and Paypal. All options are listed on the back of your bill. If you’re a residential or small business customer, you also have the option of Bill Smoothing to help spread the cost of your energy bills across equal instalments.

If you are having difficulty paying, we can help

We offer flexible payment options and energy efficiency advice to help you get back on track. If you are a residential customer experiencing ongoing financial difficulties, we have a range of support to assist you, including our Staying Connected (NSW, QLD, SA and WA) and Payment Support Victoria (VIC) programs.

What happens if you don’t pay a bill?

If you don’t pay your bill by the due date and haven’t made alternative arrangements with us, we may, as a last resort, disconnect your energy supply. We will contact you beforehand, but request you please contact us if at any time you are unable to make payment.

Disconnecting and reconnecting your Meter

Under certain circumstances, AGL reserves the right to disconnect your supply. These include if you don’t allow us safe access to your Meter or Supply Address (and we have made all required efforts to contact you); if you have sourced energy illegally; if you are in breach of your energy contract or any Regulatory Requirements; or if you do not provide the acceptable identification required by your contract.

If you are a residential or small business customer and you have been disconnected, we will lodge a request for reconnection of your energy supply within 24 hours of your request once you have fixed the problems leading to your disconnection and have paid (or made arrangements to pay) any outstanding amounts.

We’ll help make moving a little easier

We understand that moving can be stressful and there’s always so much to do. With AGL’s Move-in Guarantee, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the power will be on at your new home the day you move in. Simply visit Moving House or call us on 131 245 any time, at least one business day before your scheduled move date to arrange connection. If you are in a regional area, please contact us at least 10 Business Days before your move.

We may also need you to arrange safe and clear access to the electricity Meter to complete the connection. We’ll keep you up to date on this process via SMS updates, and arrange for a final Meter Read and a bill for your former property to be sent to you. Eligibility criteria applies to the Move-in Guarantee, including the notice periods listed above and safe access to your electricity Meter. Customer credits for late connection are available. Visit Moving House or call us for more details.

In most instances, gas supply will not be disconnected, but please call us one business day in advance to arrange a final reading at your old property and provide us with your new address.

We can help you find ways to be more energy efficient

We can offer a number of ways to help you manage your energy, including energy audits and energy efficiency tips. Call us or view our Energy Saving Tips to find out more.

Safe use of your energy

Make sure that you use energy in a safe and legal manner. Do not tamper with or bypass the meter. Keep vegetation clear from power lines and ensure clear access to your meter. If you suspect a fault, call the faults number provided on your bill.