Life can be complicated. We're here to help simplify it.

We've built a tool that helps you find financial assistance options. We'll create a personalised action plan that connects you to relevant concessions and grants.

Want to know more about concessions?

What does this tool do?
We've built this tool to help you take advantage of any government concessions or grants that you might be eligible for. By answering a few simple questions, we'll tailor a personalised action plan for you which explains your eligible concessions or grants and the steps you need to take to apply for them.
What are Grants and Schemes?
Grants or Schemes are offered by your state government to assist anyone facing financial hardship. We can check if you're eligible, but the government makes the final call.
What are Concessions?
We offer concessions as a quick and easy way to reduce your energy costs. After checking and confirming you're eligible, you can set them up in My Account. Don't have an account? Register here.
What do you do with my data?
Any data you provide will only be used to develop your personalised action plan, and will not be shared. We designed this tool to help you figure out your financial assistance options, and if we ask you for your account number, it's only so we can give you a head start with the application process.