At AGL, we're always on the look-out for hassle-free ways to pay bills. SMS Pay hits the mark – it's quick, easy and secure.

All you need to say is 'Pay'.

With SMS Pay, we send you a text a few days before your bill is due. Simply reply 'Pay' and you'll be on time, every time. Secure and safe, it's a great option if you're looking for ways to streamline bill payment.


How do I set up SMS Pay?

You can set up SMS Pay within My Account. You'll need to save a valid payment method (a bank account or credit card) and have a valid mobile number.

How do I know the SMS is from AGL and is not a scam?

When you sign up for SMS Pay, you'll receive a welcome SMS from us. All subsequent messages from our SMS Pay service will be sent from the same mobile number.

How do I know that AGL has received my authorisation to pay?

You'll get a response from us, confirming that we've received a valid 'Pay' authorisation.

Does AGL send a receipt or proof of payment?

No receipts will be sent. Payments will be displayed on invoices and will appear in My Account.

What if I want to view the actual bill before paying?

Your bills will still be delivered to you as per your current arrangement. Bills are typically generated before payment is due, which means you'll have plenty of time to review the bill before you get the SMS.