Take control of your AGL bills

Set-and-forget with direct debit. Take control with My Account. Or simply pay each bill when it lands in your inbox (or letterbox). The choice is yours.

My Account

The easiest way to take control of your billing is through My Account. Once you've logged in:

  • view and pay your bills
  • set up preferences for how you’d like to receive and manage your energy bills (things like SMS Pay, bank payments, Direct Debit and Bill Smoothing)

Once registered, you will always have your latest bill at your fingertips and you can pay your energy account how and when it suits you, wherever you are.


If you would like to switch to paperless bills – or eBilling – you can set this up in My Account. eBilling is a convenient, hassle-free way of receiving your bill. Plus, it helps to save mountains of paper and countless trees every year.

Bill Smoothing

With AGL Bill Smoothing, you can spread the year's energy costs across equal monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments. Signing up for Bill Smoothing and combining it with automatic direct debit is our recommended way to make payments fast, simple and hassle-free.

Learn more about Bill Smoothing or set it up now in My Account.

Self service meter reads

If you are a gas customer or have a basic electricity meter, you can enter your own meter readings to help us build a better picture of your energy usage. Valid meter reads are taken into account during our estimation process so we can provide more accurate monthly billing on the occasions when an actual meter read is not available.
To enter your own meter reads, you'll need to:

Then, simply log in to My Account, select 'Billing' and then 'My Meter Read'. If you have more than one account, you can enter meter readings for both.

Choose the way you pay

Pay online now using your credit card or PayPal.


Get an SMS reminder a few days before your bill is due and simply reply 'Pay' for your payment to be deducted on the due date. You choose your preferred payment method.

You can set it up through My Account. To learn more, read our SMS Pay terms and conditions.

Direct Debit

With Direct Debit, your bills are automatically paid on the due date from your nominated savings, cheque or credit card account. Paying on time could qualify you for our pay-on-time discount. Plus, you could get 500 flybuys BONUS POINTS by setting it up and linking your AGL account to flybuys*.

It’s easy to set up – you just need your account number handy. To learn more, read our Direct Debit terms and conditions for residential customers or business customers.

Bank payment

For fee-free payments, you can pay your AGL bills straight from your bank account. Payments generally go through within 48 hours.

To set it up, simply go to My Account and follow the prompts. You'll need your BSB and account number.


Pay your AGL bill through your bank's phone or internet banking using BPAY. If you aren't already registered for phone or internet banking, contact your bank.

You can also receive, view and pay your AGL bills online through internet banking with BPAY View®. When registering online for BPAY View®, please use your 8-digit or 10-digit account number (displayed on the front of your AGL bill) as your BPAY View® Registration Number.

In person

You can pay your AGL bill in person at any Post Office or visit the Postbillpay® website for more options.


Send your payment slip and cheque/money order to:

AGL Sales Pty Ltd
Locked Bag 20024
Melbourne VIC 3001

If you're in WA, please send your payment slip and cheque/money order to:

AGL Sales Pty Limited
Locked Bag 17
Cloisters Square PO
WA 6850


Use Centrepay to make regular deductions from your Centrelink payments. Centrepay is a voluntary and easy payment option available to Centrelink customers. Go to humanservices.gov.au/Centrepay for more information and to set up your Centrepay deductions.

If you receive payments from Centrelink, you can elect a regular amount to be paid directly to your AGL gas and/or electricity account. Centrepay works best with a Bill Smoothing plan which spreads the year's energy costs into small, consistent payments, reducing the impact of your peak winter and summer bills.

If you are interested in making regular payments by Centrepay, you will need your Centrelink CRN, the AGL Centrepay reference number (starts with “555”) and your AGL 18 or 20 digit account reference number, which are both located in the payment option section at the back of your bill.

Pay by Centrepay is only available to residential customers.

Financial Hardship

If you are experiencing financial difficulties paying your home energy bill you can Stay Connected with AGL's Hardship Program.

Top 5 Payment FAQs

What is a payment processing fee?

If you pay your energy bills using a credit card, or any card that uses a credit card payment facility, AGL is charged a merchant services fee by your financial institution. This will appear on your next bill as 'payment processing fee'. You can view the Payment Processing Fee amount in your relevant state's Fee Schedule.

There are other methods for paying your energy bills with AGL that won't incur a payment processing fee, which you can learn about here.

How can I request more time to pay?

We understand that life doesn't always go to plan, and sometimes you just need a little more time or assistance with your bill.

AGL offers a range of payment options, including some simple online tools. If you're having trouble paying, you may be eligible for a payment extension. Click here to view your payment extension options via My Account

Or, you can chat with us or follow the prompts below to see if you qualify for a payment plan.

Call 131 245 >> Option 2 (self Service) >> Option 2 (Account Balances & Payments) >> Option 3 (Extend due date) >> Gas Option 2, Electricity Option 3 >> Account number

Have your account number and recent bill handy.

For additional other options that might be available to you: 

Can I set automatic bill payments?

Yes, you can – and it doesn't matter if you're signed up to eBilling or get mailed paper bills either.

Direct Debit lets you pay each bill by its due date automatically, helping you to keep on top of them. Set this up in My Account or using the latest version of the AGL App

Simply head to this page to get started with setting up Direct Debit - just have your account number handy, as you'll need this to sign up. Otherwise, call us anytime 24/7 on 131 245 and we'll help set it up over the phone.

Can I pay my bill online?

The easiest way to view and pay your bills is to log into My Account.

My Wallet
My Wallet contains all the payment methods you're currently using with AGL. You can select from your saved payment methods for quick and simple bill payments, and you can add or delete payment methods at any time. Visit the Manage Account tab in My Account to access My Wallet.

Direct Debit
Direct Debit payment arrangements help make sure your bills are paid on time, every time. Set up Direct Debit with AGL and you won't have to worry about remembering to make a payment – we'll send you a bill with your due date and the payment will be deducted automatically from your nominated account on this date.

You can easily manage your Direct Debit details with My Account. – just click on the Manage Account tab, then select Direct Debit. Here you can add, change, or cancel your Direct Debit payment arrangements. Any payment methods you set up for Direct Debit will be saved in My Wallet.

If you don't have My Account
You can use our secure online bill payment page to pay online with a Visa or MasterCard. Credit cards are charged a payment processing fee fee which will show up on your next bill. You can view the Payment Processing Fee amount in your relevant state's Fee Schedule.

You can also register to receive your bills through BPAY View so you can receive, manage and pay them from your financial institution's internet banking website. Visit bpay.com.au for more information.

You can find more information about Billing and Payments in Help and Support.

What is the BPay biller code?

When paying your bill via BPAY, you will need a biller code and a reference number.

The biller code is one AGL provides, and it depends on your account particulars. The reference number is specific to your account. Refer to the bottom page of your most recent bill, like this to find the biller code:


If you receive your bill via email, you'll find  this information in the detailed PDF version of your bill. In the email, click Download your bill (PDF) - you'll be presented with your detailed bill, which includes all relevant payment reference numbers on the bottom of the second page. 


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*Available to eligible residential customers who agree to pay their AGL gas and/or electricity bills by direct debit. Limited to one allocation of direct debit flybuys BONUS POINTS per residential AGL account. Click here for full terms and eligibility criteria.