Let’s get digital

Digital meters are the next generation of electricity meters providing you with a new way to manage your energy account. With a digital electricity meter, you’ll be able to receive accurate information about your electricity use and make the most of our helpful online tools.

With up-to-date usage information, a digital meter gives you energy your way with:

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    AGL's Energy App

    Anywhere, anytime you can:

    • Check energy usage.
    • Pay bills on the go.
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    My Account

    With My Account, you can:

    • Organise your home or small business move.
    • View and monitor your energy usage and bill details.
    • View and pay your bills.
    • Choose to receive your bills via email and take the worry out of remembering to pay by setting up Direct Debit.
    • Update your personal details.
    • Track how much energy you are using.
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    Monthly Billing

    • Choose to receive bills monthly for smaller more manageable bills.
    • Select^ which day of the month to receive your bills.

Digital Meter FAQs

What is a digital meter?

Digital meters, are the next generation of electricity meters, replacing analogue ones. They measure your home's electricity use in 30-minute intervals, and can send this data automatically to your energy retailer every day using a secure wireless network.

Digital meters are installed by qualified electricians, and depending on your home's set up and situation, the installation process normally takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

What are the key benefits of digital meters?

Digital meters can be used to help you identify when your electricity usage peaks. With our helpful online tools, including AGL My Account and the AGL App, you can view more timely data – so you don't have to wait until your bill arrives to see your usage charges.

Another key benefit of digital meters is more accurate meter reads. As digital meters can be read remotely and your usage data is sent automatically, in most cases the need for on-site meter reads and estimated bills is significantly reduced.

If my meter is being upgraded, will I need to be at the property for the installation?

 If there's safe and clear access to your meter, you don't have to be at the property during the installation*. For example, please ensure there are no obstacles around the meter (including debris, vegetation, pests or animals) and that any gates or meter boxes are unlocked. If you have concerns about accessibility of the meter, please contact us ahead of your scheduled visit.

*If Life Support equipment is present, we require you to be at the property to confirm supply is completely restored after the meter is changed.

Is there any cost for the installation?

Where we exchange your existing meter for a digital meter, you won't have to pay for any upfront standard installation costs. In some cases, following a visit from our meter technician, you may be asked to undertake remedial works at your own (or your landlord's) cost to ensure the site is safe, accessible and suitable for a new meter installation.

I received a letter about a short service disruption, what does it mean?

When we exchange meters or in some cases for other meter works, we may need to disrupt your electricity supply for a short period. The letter you received is your notice of the expected time and date when the technician will visit your property and the disruption will occur.

If there is safe and clear access to your meter, there's nothing you need to do – you don't even need to be at the property unless you have Life Support Equipment.

If Life Support equipment is present, we require you to be at the property to confirm supply is completely restored after the meter is changed.

For more information see our Customer Charter.

Is my information secure and will it remain confidential?

Absolutely. Digital meter data is secure and all personal information is confidential. No customer names or addresses are attached to the transmission of meter data. The meter number and NMI (National Meter Identifier) are matched up with customer information only after it has reached the central data station, which is secured. For more details, view our Privacy Policy.

How secure are digital meters and communication networks that transmit data?

Digital meters and their communication networks are equipped with advanced security features that prevent unauthorised access.

The wireless links between digital meters and retailers like AGL are encrypted and cannot be disabled. These links do not use the internet, providing further security. No customer names or addresses are attached to the transmission of meter data.

Do digital meters meet Australian Safety Standards?

Yes - all digital meters meet the wireless electro-magnetic exposure limits set by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and meet current Australian Standards, including those related to safety.

Digital meters have lower emissions than many other electrical devices commonly found in households, such as mobile and cordless phones, Wi-Fi modems, microwaves, televisions and baby monitors. For more information, view the ARPANSA fact sheet.

Do digital meters cause health issues, like sleep apnea or headaches?

Digital meters are not dangerous. All digital meters installed are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and have frequencies similar to common household electronics like mobile phones and televisions. The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency sets exposure limits and concludes that 'no scientific evidence exists that low levels of radio-frequency electromagnetic energy exposure from digital meters causes any health effects or symptoms of ill-health'.

For more information, visit:

NSW: Are smart meters dangerous to my health?

SA: Smart Meters

QLD: Digital Meters

VIC: Smart Meters Safety 

I rent my property. Do I need my landlord’s permission to install a digital meter?

Where consent is required, AGL will seek it from whomever occupies the premises (i.e. the electricity customer). We don't require permission from the landlord.

Can I get a digital meter for my new house/development?

Yes. With the Australian Government's Power of Choice reforms which came into effect in December 2017, all customers with new homes will have a digital meter installed.

Simply contact us to arrange.

What if I live in an area with limited telecommunications coverage. Can I still have a digital meter?

Yes – a digital meter installation can still proceed, however the meter technician will need to test the strength of the telecommunications signal to your property. If the signal is found to be too weak to deliver remote services (such as meter readings) to your home, the wireless communications signal may need to be switched off and alternative arrangements put in place. We'll discuss these alternative arrangements with you if they're necessary. 

Are there any changes to my customer rights if I have a digital meter installed?

No – having a digital meter installed does not affect your customer rights or the protections provided to you under the National Energy Retail Rules. You still have the right to seek and access energy concessions, rebates and hardship schemes offered by AGL, other retailers or the State Government (where applicable in conjunction with each scheme's conditions). You also retain access to existing dispute resolution paths.

Can my digital meter be remotely operated?

Yes - digital meters are equipped with remote functionality to disconnect and reconnect, as well as features to protect against hazards such as electric shock and fire damage.

If you do not wish to have remote communications enabled on your digital meter, you can request this at the time of installation. Additional charges may apply for digital meters without remote communications and some products or services may not be available.

Will the remote reading interfere with other devices (phones, TV, or radio) in my home?

No – your digital meter operates at a low frequency and power level; it will not interfere with any other equipment in your home.

Can I opt of meter upgrades?

We'll notify you if we're planning an upgrade to your current meter, at which point, you can contact us to opt out. However, opting out of a current or future new meter deployment won't stop you from receiving a digital meter if your current meter needs to be replaced for technical, regulatory or maintenance reasons.

For more information, see the Australian Energy Regulator's Smart Meters and You Fact Sheet.

The meter installer had difficulty installing my digital meter. How do I find out more?

Once AGL has confirmed details of a digital meter installation at your property, a qualified electrical installer will be sent to complete the installation. Sometimes during the process, an issue (commonly called a 'site defect') is discovered which prevents the installer from continuing immediately with the job. This could include the discovery of electrical issues or on-site contaminants, like asbestos. If this occurs, the meter installer will provide you with information outlining the site defect, why it prevented installation, who is responsible for rectification works and who you should contact to discuss the matter further. 

Note that wiring issues associated with the circuitry in the home, the switchboard and the meter box remain the responsibility of the homeowner. 

I'm a renter. There was a site defect during the digital meter installation. What do I do?

All wiring issues associated with the circuitry in the home, the switchboard and the meter box are the responsibility of the homeowner. If a site defect has been discovered at your home, get in touch with your landlord or real estate agency and ask them to address the problem. AGL can guide you through the process.  

I had a digital meter installed recently now I'm experiencing electricity supply issues.

If you're experiencing issues which you think are due to your digital meter, contact us and we'll investigate.

What is Power of Choice?

Power of Choice is a government-led, industry-wide program to provide consumers with more opportunities to make informed choices about the way you use electricity products and services.

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^ Terms and conditions apply. Weekends and public holidays affect our ability to issue your bill on the day requested. Your bill payment due date will be 14 business days from and including the day we issue your bill.