Connecting an internet service

Find out more about how to move, connect or disconnect an AGL internet service
and learn about bringing your own modem or connecting a battery back-up power supply.

Connecting and moving to the nbn™ network

More than 10 million homes and businesses are now able to connect to the nbn network. This means that if you haven't had it set up already, you may be able to get your home connected.

Internet and phone services provided over the nbn network will be replacing services provided over most older and existing landline networks. This includes copper networks, and the majority of HFC networks within the fixed line footprint. These services will stop working unless they're provided over non-nbn fibre networks and other technologies.

Find out if you're eligible for an AGL internet service on our nbn Plans page.

Bring your own modem

If you are signing up to an AGL internet-only service, you can bring your own modem. You'll need to ensure it's compatible with the nbn network. Check with your modem manufacturer if you're unsure.

If you are signing up to an AGL internet service you can purchase the modem from us for $0/month if you remain connected for 12 months. The usual cost for our modem is $8 per month for 12 months ($96 in total). If you do cancel your nbn plan before 12 months, you'll need to pay the remaining modem cost ($8 x months left) on your next bill as a lump sum.

Cancelling a service

If you no longer require your AGL internet service, please contact us.

It is important that you do not cancel your connection with us prior to arranging connection with your new provider as this will leave you without an internet connection. Once you are connected with your new provider, you can then contact us to request disconnection.

With an nbn connection, internet services won't automatically disconnect when you join a new provider so you'll continue to be charged until you request disconnection.

Battery back-up power supply

Your nbn service won't work during power failures, including your internet service or a home phone if you have one. For Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) connections, you may have the option to install a battery back-up power supply unit which will provide emergency power for up to 5 hours. A battery backup unit won’t power any routers, cordless phones or phones that require external power. You'll be responsible for replacing the batteries in the battery back-up unit.

When it’s time to replace the battery, you will see a red light appear next to the ‘Replace Battery’ marker on the nbn connection box. You’ll also hear an alarm tone, which will beep every 15 minutes to indicate your battery needs replacing. Four beeps per minute means there’s less than half of the battery charge remaining.

Note: you'll also be able to recycle old batteries.

*nbn™, nbn co and other nbn™ logos and brands are trade marks of nbn co limited and used under licence.