AGL internet bills and payments

Your AGL telecommunications bill will be sent separate to your energy bill.
Explore your bill details, ways to pay, eBilling and more below.

Your first internet bill with AGL

The first bill for your AGL internet service will be charged one month in advance and will be billed from the day you're connected to the nbn™ network.

If you ever cancel your AGL internet service, the plan fees you paid for any unused period will be credited back to you on your final bill. Get in touch with our team to arrange a refund. If you do cancel your nbn plan before 12 months, you'll need to pay the remaining modem cost ($8 x months left) on your next bill as a lump sum.

Ways to pay your bill


You can pay your AGL telecommunications bill with a credit or debit card in My Account, or on the AGL internet payments page.

The AGL app

You're also able to make a payment through the AGL app. Go to the Internet tab and tap Make A Payment to get started.


Payments can be made through your financial institution using your bank account, credit or debit card. A 0.39% fee (incl GST) will apply for debit and credit cards. AGL does not accept AMEX and Diners.

Direct debit

Automatically pay your bills from a savings, cheque or credit card account. A 0.39% fee (incl GST) will apply for debit and credit cards. AGL does not accept AMEX and Diners.

Financial support

If you’re having trouble paying your current or ongoing bills, we have some options that could help you.

Arrange a payment extension for your AGL telecommunications bill

AGL offers a range of payment help, including helping you arrange a payment extension for your AGL telecommunications bill.

To arrange a payment extension, get in contact with our team.

Get some extra financial support

Financial challenges can arise from a sudden change in income, illness or other matters. If you’re having a hard time paying your AGL telecommunications bill, we can provide additional support including payment plans, or confidential financial support. Get in touch with our team for more information.

For more information, you can view our AGL Telecommunications Financial Hardship Policy.

Understanding your bill

Need some help understanding your AGL internet bill? Learn more about your bills and how to read them below.

Finding important information

On the first page of the bill, you'll find the most important information you need to pay your bill, including:

  • Your bill total
  • The due date
  • Your account number
  • The payment reference number, (located in the 'How to Pay' section at the bottom of the first page.)
See detailed charges and your billing cycle

Starting on page two of your bill, you'll see details of your monthly charges. This includes a summary of your internet service and the billing cycle dates.

Get help with a high bill

If it's your first telecommunications bill with AGL, take a look at the section above called Your first telecommunications bill with AGL.

If you've recently changed your nbn service speed tier, your plan fee will be changed accordingly. More details on our offers can be found on our nbn Plans page.

If your bill doesn't seem right for any other reason or you'd like some more help, get in touch with our team.

Update your account details

Get help to set up direct debit, turn on eBilling, update your address or add account authorities.

Direct debit: Set up, modify or cancel

Direct debit allows you to automatically pay your bills from a nominated savings, cheque or credit card account.

To set up, change or cancel a direct debit get in contact with our team.

Getting your bill if you pay by direct debit

You'll still receive a regular bill via email or post which will include your scheduled direct debit date.

Turn on or off email billing

With eBilling turned on, your AGL telecommunications bill will be sent to your email as a PDF after it's been generated. The digital copy of your bill is the same as a paper bill and will include all the details about your charges, due date and account information.

You can set up eBilling or switch back to paper bills by getting in contact with our team.
Note: there may be a fee of $1.75 (incl GST) to receive paper bills.

Locate a missing email bill

Sometimes emails with attachments can be moved to spam or junk folders as a precaution. If this has happened to you, double check that the email has been sent by us, then mark as a 'Safe Sender' through your email or virus protection provider. If you're unable to find a bill, get in contact.

Update your billing and account details

Need to update your account details? Our team can help you update your details including your billing address, email and contact number. Simply contact us.

Update marketing and communications preferences

We're working on making this available online, in the meantime - get in contact with us.

Add or remove an account authority

You can appoint an advocate or authorised representative to contact us about your account with us. We may require you to provide certain documentation before we engage with your advocate or authorised representative.

  • An advocate can contact us on your behalf and discuss your agreement with us, but they can’t change the agreement. You'll need to be with them for them to access the account. You can also grant permission for an advocate to become an authorised representative and have their details retained on the account.
  • An authorised representative can discuss your agreement with us and can also change the agreement on your behalf.

To add an account authority or to change or remove an existing authority, get in contact with us.

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