Gas meter installations

Arrange a gas meter installation for your property.

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Different types of gas installations

There are three types of gas installations that you can apply for:

  • A mains construction where there is no existing gas mains available in the street
  • A service line installation where there is no existing gas line connected to the proposed meter location. The service line must be in place prior to a gas meter being installed.
  • A meter only installation where there is an existing service line installed and only the physical meter is required.

If you're not sure what your property needs, contact our New Connections team on 1800 680 430.

Get gas connected

How to arrange a service line and gas meter or just a meter in NSW.

1. Submit your application

Complete a residential gas supply request using our New connections platform including the details of your gas plumber.

2. Distributor processes your application

After your application has been submitted, it will be sent to the distributor for processing. We'll get in contact with you within two business days if we need more information or there's any issues.

We’ll send you an email when the distributor has accepted your application.

If there are any additional changes or there's additional work required, we may need to obtain a quote from the distributor. This may take two additional weeks and you'll be advised about any additional costs and provided with the quote for approval before installation work can continue.

3. Installation process

When your application is accepted, the distributor will install your meter and service line (they’ll need access to your site).

If you have site access via a gate code you’ll need to contact the distributor to provide this information so they can gain access. To find your distributor go to Power outages.

When installing a service line and meter, a standard quote will be provided in 5 business days, and a non-standard quote provided in 10 business days. After you accept the quote, the distributor will determine the time frame for the installation. For meter-only installations, once you have accepted the quote, your gas plumber will advise on an installation time frame.

4. Final steps

We'll notify you once the service line has been installed.

Offline application

If you're having issues completing your application through the New connections platform, you can also download the applicable form and email it to our team. For VIC, NSW, QLD and SA, email the completed form to For WA requests email the completed for to



  • NSW, QLD, VIC and SA Residential Gas form (PDF)
  • WA Gas form (PDF)



    Fees and charges

    The fees for gas meter installation can vary depending on the distributor in your area, as well as the work required. We're unable to advise of these charges prior to receiving the application. That said, we'll contact you if your request attracts any non-standard charges.

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