Change account name and add authorised person

How to update the name on your account and add or remove an authorised person.

Change your account name

If there's an existing AGL energy supply to a property that you want to transfer from one account holder to another, the new account holder needs to sign up to a plan with AGL using their details. Doing this will automatically cancel the old account and the account with the new account holder will start.

If you don't want to change whose name the account is under but your name or date of birth are incorrect, we can confirm your identity and fix any errors when you get in touch with us.

Add or remove an authorised person for your energy account

You can add contacts like your wife, husband, partner or carer to your energy account as well as remove them as an authorised person. This means they can make changes to your account, including disconnecting the supply. They won't be able to add new products or connections and they won't be listed on the bill as only one person can be listed on an account.

To add or remove an authorised person in My Account:

  1. Select your name in the top right corner, then select ‘Profile’
  2. Go to ‘Account Authorisation' and select 'Edit'.
  3. Select 'Add New Authorised Person’ and enter their details or select 'Remove' to remove an authorised person.

If you have internet or mobile products, or are an AGL for Business customer, you won't be able to follow these steps. Please get in touch with us to update.

If you want to have a power of attorney, court-appointed authority, state trustee or a financial counsellor added to your account as an authorised contact, you can find out what your options are by contacting us.

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