Login problems

Tips and tricks for logging into My Account and the AGL app.

Login problems

Sometimes updates are made to web pages but the changes can't be seen until you clear your cache (your recent browsing history).

If you've been asked to clear your cache, follow the instructions below for your device and browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Chrome for desktop

Chrome for Android

Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer

Safari for Mac desktop

Safari for iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)

For your security, we have removed the option to log in with a mobile number. 

To log in to My Account, you'll need to use a registered email address.

To register your email address:

  1. Visit the registration form
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Enter the code sent to your email address

If you’re still having trouble logging in, please contact us

Password issues

  1. Go to the Login page (this is the same for My Account or the AGL app)
  2. Enter the email address linked to your account and select 'Next'
  3. On the 'Enter password' page, select ‘Forgot’
  4. Follow the link we’ve sent to your registered email address to change your password

If you don’t see the ‘Enter password’ page, you’ll need to create a password.

Top tips for a strong password

  • Use a password that is unique and not used for any other websites
  • Use a minimum of 8 characters with a mix of upper case letters, numbers and special characters (e.g. !@$)
  • Use a Password Manager to securely generate and store your passwords
  • Avoid using a string of numbers (e.g. 123456)
  • Steer clear of common words, such as your favourite holiday destination, football team or music
  • Never use any publicly available information, such as social media aliases

If you see this message, it means your login details have been found in a data breach. This could happen if you’ve used the same email and password for multiple online accounts and one of your other accounts has had a data breach.  

As a precaution you’ll need to change your password before logging in. To do this you need access to your email account. If you don’t have access, contact us for help.

We continually check the latest breach data from around the world, including recent breaches that aren’t yet widely known about. While we can detect when your details have been found in breach data, we can’t tell which website, app or service is the source of the breach.

Learn more about Fraud prevention measures at AGL.

If you've tried to log in too many times with an incorrect password, you'll be blocked.

To fix this, select 'Forgot?' on the Password screen.

  1. Check if the reset password email is in your junk mail folder
  2. Check if your inbox is full
  3. If neither of these is the issue, try repeating the 'Change your password' process
  4. If you still don’t receive the email, speak to your email provider to see if they've blocked the message. Otherwise you can confirm we sent the email if you chat with us.

Remember, you can still log in without your password by using a one-time code.

  1. Check your network connection. You’ll need a mobile device signal or Wi-Fi connection to receive an SMS
  2. Check ‘Airplane mode’ is turned off
  3. Check ‘Notifications’ are turned on. You won’t receive notifications if ‘Do not disturb’ is turned on
  4. Check if your text message inbox is full. If it is full, you may not be able to receive messages
  5. Try rebooting your device
  6. If none of these are the issue, select ‘Re-send' at the bottom of the 'Verify Code’ page

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, you can Contact us to confirm we sent the SMS.

  1. Check your email address is correct
  2. Check if the email is in your junk mail
  3. Check if your inbox is full. If it is full, you may not be able to receive emails
  4. If you’re using Hotmail, check your ‘Focused’ and 'Other' tabs
  5. If none of these are the issue, select ‘Re-send' at the bottom of the 'Verify Code’ page

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, you can Contact us to confirm we sent the email.

  1. Check you’re entering the right number
  2. Check you're using the most recent code sent to your email or SMS
  3. Make sure you’re entering the code within five minutes of receiving it
  4. Select 'Re-send' at the bottom of the ‘Verify Code’ page to request a new code and try again

Registration issues

You might not have access to My Account if you have:

  • life support equipment registered to your account
  • a commercial and industrial account
  • a bulk hot water account.

If these don't apply to you, select 'Forgot your email address' from the Login screen.

If you're still having trouble, get in touch.

If you see a message saying your account is already registered with a different email address, try logging in with another email address.

If that doesn't work, select 'Forgot your email address' from the Login screen.

Still can't log in? Get in touch with us.

If you gave your email address when you signed-up with us, you’re probably already registered for My Account.

To confirm the email that’s registered for My Account, select 'Forgot your email address' from the Login screen.

If that doesn't work, get in touch with us.

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