Request a credit refund

How to request a credit refund, how to move credit and what to do if you're moving house or on Bill Smoothing.

If you’ve got a credit amount on your account, you can apply to have this paid out to you. Here's how the process works and other information you may need to know about your credit.

Credit refund process

Most credit refunds can take up to 7 business days to be processed and can only be sent to the account from which the payment was made. Payments made at Australia Post must be refunded by cheque and can take up to 16 business days to be processed.

Be sure to check your bank account regularly to ensure your refund has arrived. We'll let you know if the payment was dishonoured or if there are any other issues. If you've got your mobile number listed with us, you'll get an SMS detailing the outcome of the refund.

To request a credit refund, contact us.

Haven't received your credit refund? If it's been longer than 7 days, contact us.

Read the full credit refund policy here.

Your credits will be shown on page 2 of your bill. For a PDF sample bill with detailed explanations of each section, visit Read your bill.

If you've got credit on either your gas or electricity account, you can move it from one account to the other by contacting us.

If you've got solar, you can arrange your credits to be sent automatically. To set up, contact us.

If you're a Bill Smoothing customer, you can still request a credit refund, but after your 6-monthly review, your payment will go up. To find out more, visit Manage Bill Smoothing.

Let us know that you've got a credit on your account when you're moving and we'll help you transfer them to the new account or arrange a refund.

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